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when they had to wear this hat, and Although universal suffrage was still “no one apostrophe character”; in order to guard against fake elections,moncler piumini, they proposed the so-called “international standards”, – though the standards are constantly adjusted, more emphasis on citizen originally nominated, and later that “third rail Nomination “There can be one, I noticed recently that some people expressed their willingness to make a proposal within the framework of the Basic Law,” international standards “can be changed to not have” unreasonable restrictions “; determine whether it is” unreasonable restrictions “of the main standards, is nominated by the Chief Executive candidates may not be higher than they expected to get the support of the nomination committee vote ratio of 1/8 or less than 1/8 can, some can be a little high.

in fact, also choose how to deal with the relationship between the SAR and the Central,hogan scarpe, this is Hong Kong. . the long-term governance of the more critical question facing the current dispute is not the plan,jordan pas cher, but we hope that the way in which to interact with the central government’s decision. “The article also states:” advocated radical,bracciale tiffany, is do not agree with the central affairs of the SAR enjoys dominance, refused to fully accept the framework of the Basic Law, the negative ‘one country for the first’ pre-set, behind also have a deep hostility to the Communist Party of exclusion. “I think, Mr. Ye Jianmin of these statements in the phrase , like acupuncture point to the same place. Imagine if the real sense of the nation,christian louboutin sale, the true identity of “one country for the first” principle, really agree with the Basic Law,air max femme pas cher, Hong Kong’s real identity central governing authority,red bottom shoes for women, including Hong Kong’s political reform initiative, but did not like the leaf President of the point to the exclusion of the Communist Party of psychological hostility, some issues will be the problem? Today we will have so much controversy it? I know that these comments with a clear tendency of talking above me, and I quote the views of Mr. Ye Jianmin, our society does not cover all kinds of opinions about the issue of political reform,scarpe hogan, not even the loudest voices on behalf of Some people may not sound so pleasing to the ear.

the majority of absolutely not – because of this then people would not get their gate, is politics screening; scale the best of the Nominating Committee,nike store, constituted the method has also made great changes, so in order to ensure that their people out of the gate, otherwise there would be no broad representation of the Nomination Committee; if not agreed to their demands,hogan outlet, especially not a majority of the requirements,cheap louboutins shoes, they will launch “Occupy Central” and other radical illegal protests. Both logic analysis,abercrombie, from the beginning, it is not the same as a real, a true, the former is the Basic Law, which is the assumption that “fake elections”; the middle of the factors to consider is not the same, one more is to consider how the relationship between normative systems central and SAR requirements, is to consider whether a more favorable “their friends” as a candidate; naturally very different conclusions. But exactly what kind of logic is more reasonable,abercrombie france, or more logical, I would like to go through a rational comparison, it is not difficult to answer. I think that these two opposing views,parajumpers pas cher, in the final analysis is due to ideology of “one country” due to the existence of different perceptions. This reminds me of a professor of public policy at City University of Hong Kong, Mr. Ye Jianmin,basket louboutin femme, director of network research new force in the “Ming Pao Daily News,moncler uomo,” published May 16 an article called “The Pan Man arguing what exactly? . ” This article impressed me, so I am very inspired, some time ago I was also repeatedly cited and some people view this article exchanges. The article points out: “political reform debate, meaning far more than we could have a real election,parajumpers femme, the question of how to achieve democracy which we have decided to support the program.