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a street vendor selling postcards he ciqikou.”Art” behind Side not seen his son for 21 yearsComing back in 1993, after the divorce to Shenzhen Shaw three, when his son just born, awarded to the mother. Since then 21 years have not seen his son Xiao three side, did not give a penny.This year, his son Xiaojun (a pseudonym) to do the wedding, invited three Shaw,peuterey spaccio, Shaw refused to attend three.Soon, his son’s son also was born, when do the full moon wine, Xiaojun once again invited Shaw III, Xiao three still refused,christian louboutin paris, Shaw III said he did not dare to meet.Shaw three in Lijiang want to open studio, back to Chongqing to find his mother for money, the mother had no money, he went out to borrow. Later, Xiao three postcards to open shop, the mother went out to borrow money.Mother said:. “These years,christian louboutin, to 67 million, he insisted his pictures, to achieve the ideal, I really do not have it that way.””You will not feel selfish.

fortunately, her bedtime pick accompany successful escape, but after many years of living on the streets.In about 15 years old, she became a Colombian family maid. Over 20 years old,air max pas cher pour homme, with her employer because of their work go Bradford, where she later met a “Prince Charming” John Chapman, the two quickly fell in love and tied the knot in a few months, subsequently gave birth to two daughters, Marina opened this happy life.

If today he stood on the “Life is a dream show” stage, please help him to realize their dreams, you will vote for it?His “literary road” Pictures made postcards11 morning, Xiao three in Shapingba Chongqing University nearby street stall, he sells postcards,tn soldes, two yuan, ranging from 5 yuan, scenery, cultural picture postcards are his own shot, framing since Dali, Chongqing two places.Three Shaw born 1970, Liangping who live in a youth hostel near qixinggang Yuzhong, 45 yuan a bed.Xiao three divorced, in 1993 to work in Shenzhen. The next year, he spent 500 yuan monthly salary of 200 yuan to buy a camera, Phoenix 205, 10 yuan a roll of film.In 2007,tn, Shaw III saw a book in a bookstore, “soft Lijiang time”, “That book talked about what I want in life, I was a pursuit of freedom, the pursuit of the people on the street.” Shaw III immediately bought a ticket to Lijiang, also bought a 2,000 yuan SLR cameras. He lived down in Lijiang,hollister online, a volunteer at a youth hostel,basket louboutin, leisure shoot camera, want to open photography studio.2013, Shaw went three Dali, he made photographs postcards,pandora pas cher, a street vendor selling tourists. July of this year,air max pas cher chine, Xiao three back to Chongqing.

worked for pay is a good thing,tn nike pas cher, but we are born as a human, after all, to go through the daily necessities of daily life, which is the basis of life and dreams. I hope everyone can understand these basic principles.In the American movie “Tarzan”, the human baby grew up to be the mother gorilla Tarzan Kana adoption, grew up Tarzan climbs trees to dashing, climbing vines can come and go. In the real world, even really exist female version of “Tarzan.” Yorkshire Bradford housewife Marina Chapman would have such a little-known legend.According to the British “Daily Mail” website reported that Yorkshire Bradford housewife Marina Chapman has a little-known legend,boutique louboutin paris, her childhood kidnappers had been discarded in the jungles of Colombia, South America, was there raised capuchin monkeys. She personally wrote a memoir, “nameless girl” from March 30 began serialization in the “Mail on Sunday” on.Marina was born in Colombia in 1954 claiming kidnapped close to home, when she was only 4 years old, after which she was gang abandoned in the jungle, where he lived for five years. A group of capuchin monkeys taking care of her,air max femme pas cher, she imitate a monkey eating habits and sound, and even learned to climb trees. She is completely integrated into the monkey colony, the only difference is that she slept in hollowed tree trunks in the evening.Marina on jungle life gradually ease, fully capable to feed themselves, to eat only once due to toxic tamarind and ill. Her “nameless Girl” where recalled that when a bad stomachache, a monkey will she dragged the river, forcing her to drink muddy water, spit a stomach poison, this can preserve his life. Since then, the Marina with monkeys closer together.By chance, Marina hunters found this to be out of the forest. But it was not suffering from the end of his career, Hunter sold to a brothel her northeastern Colombian city of Cucuta. In the brothel she often beaten.

lack of responsibility?” Chongqing Evening News reporter asked.Shaw III said: “I have my ideals and pursuits, we do not understand me, I love photography, and I hope one day I leave this world, I can leave my work.”He is Peter Pan grow upChongqing Normal University psychology professor Zhou Xiaoyan: Xiao three since that is an “idealist”, I think he is a typical “Peter Pan syndrome”, dare to take responsibility,nike tn pas cher magasin, to escape his father, the son of such a social role. Rude little suggestion is to accept the role of his son,air max bw pas cher, nursing mothers, at least not for money again old mother; The role of the father, you can slow a slow,basket nike tn pas cher, do not forcing too fast, anyway his son has grown up . Scientific speaking, the only way is to undergo psychological treatment.Lawyers say:Chongqing Ding Ling Xue law firm lawyers said: According to the “Marriage Law” requirement, the parents of minor children have the duty to bring up and educate their children have a duty to support the elderly.Case,barbour pas cher, Shaw and three have their own literary pursuit of this dream is nothing wrong thing, but he has completely passed Buhuozhinian not aware of their responsibility to the family, as a father the Son of Man, but it should never assume assume custody and maintenance obligations, still rely on financial help elderly mother. On this issue,louboutin pas cher, Shaw III is obviously not worth promoting or that should be criticized.Lawyer reminder: Anyone have their own ideals and dreams.


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