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000 yuan gambling credits, the two sides is that every On Monday last week, win or lose situation settled. I bet every time are virtual money, just in time to re-calculate the settlement of winning or losing. Different Handicap odds for each, such odds are 0.78, then I bet 10000 Yuan, even if I can only get win 7800 yuan, as long as I bet, Yim will extract money from betting interests in proportion. “One in the hospital after hearing the verdict, the Full Court said: Ren did not provide evidence of 300,000 yuan funding sources and payments set forth in the delivery of a promissory note.

written IOU advocate Cheng stated sum was gambling, which submitted Jeong the testimony of witnesses, audio and video recording, the court subpoenaed Cheng, Lee witness in the inquiry transcripts public security organs, and Ren Cheng and other evidence of financial dealings details. Comprehensive case of existing evidence, suspects the existence of the case, the court rejected the prosecution of Mr. Ren Cheng, and transferred to public security authorities.Interpretation Why refer the case to the public security organsZhen Jieying Full Court presiding judge in this case, in accordance with the Supreme Court issued the “People’s Court on Several Opinions lending cases” in the provision, private lending refers to the loan lending disputes disputes between individuals, between natural and legal persons, as well as lending disputes between individuals and other organizations. Civil legal relationship lending is legal lending relationship between equal entities.The present case, the Court judge to apply once Cheng, respectively, to the police station and bank, collect the relevant inquiry transcripts and Ren Cheng and capital transaction details, the details show that both funds have been frequent. Although Cheng issued a promissory note to Ren, but comprehensive inquiry transcripts, witness testimony and Lee and other financial details, the presence of suspects in this case, treatment should be transferred to the police investigation.Once the debt is illegal gambling may not yet identifiedZhen Jieying the President said that gambling is an invalid legal act, the lack of effective elements of civil legal acts, the legal effect of the behavior of people expected does not occur. Gambling debt is illegal and invalid debt.

000 yuan, 300,000 yuan Ren require IOUs issued by Jeong, Lee came forward to negotiate the matter to Lee 180,000 yuan after Cheng check, commissioned employees Lee Lee, returned after Ren Zhou cash. Zhou employees to testify as a witness also a check to cash in the relevant circumstances. Hearing, the Cheng also produced recordings and video, audio and video recordings, and Ren Cheng reminder repay gambling debts, Mr Cheng said the gambling lose money themselves recognize, but the amount is too high, the possibility of grace. In another section of recordings submitted Cheng, Ren Cheng’s wife to make threats.Second instance court dismissed the prosecution believes the case has suspectsIn the second trial process, by Cheng apply to a judge in the Court of Haidian Branch of Beijing Public Security Bureau police station Manjuji, the transfer of the public security organs to report the fact that he opened the ball Cheng Chuang record of inquiry report, a judge in the Court also to bank, collect the details and the fact that he carried Cheng funds between the two sides have been frequent funds.Ren both in court recognized the authenticity of the evidence, but to prove the contents were not recognized, for the frequent movements of capital between the two sides, Mr Yam said that debtor-creditor relationship, but there is no corresponding IOU or receipt.Cheng also stated in court its Internet gambling conducted by Ren process: “Yim give me a user name and password,peuterey uomo, the maximum amount is 50,000 yuan gambling, if not more than 50.

“creditor” of course does not have the right to request and appeal.”From the case to see if indeed the public security organs ultimately found gambling, even if it does owe Ren Cheng corresponding gambling debts, Mr Yam also require the courts have no right to return the corresponding Cheng gambling debts.”The parties may be held accountableThe judge said that if the fact that he does as a proxy for gambling sites, and receive gamblers betting, will face appropriate criminal penalties.China’s “Criminal Law” stipulates that “casino, three years imprisonment, criminal detention or control, fine; if the circumstances are serious, more than three years in prison and fined.” “Supreme People’s Procuratorate on Several Issues of legal gambling in criminal cases the interpretation of the specific application.” Article II.

for commercial purposes, to establish gambling sites on the computer network, or as agent for gambling sites to accept bets, belong to criminal law “casino.”If the facts as described in Cheng, their gambling behavior will likely be identified as gambling behavior, should bear the responsibility. According to “Public Security Administration Punishment Law” Article 70, participate in online gambling, 5 days detention or a fine of five hundred yuan; if the circumstances are serious, more than ten days following 15 days in detention, and impose a 1,500 to three thousand yuan fine.RAM Lottery gambling and similar But essentially differentDuring a time when the World Cup.


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