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February 25, 1977, according to his work seminar held in Beijing,pjs doudoune, immediately aroused great repercussion, after discussing the second small-scale,modelli hollister, followed by another two times greater range of discussion for two years ,hollister italia, a total of five discussion,parajumpers paris, people came from all over the country to participate.This is the year a pioneering Chinese economic circles. In support of Deng Xiaoping, May 5, 1978, the State Department’s Policy Research in Commentator signature in the “People’s Daily” published an article entitled “The implementation of distribution according to the principles of socialism,” after six days, “Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth,woolrich prezzi,” published in the “Guangming Daily”.

Yu Guangyuan socialist economics pioneered the study began, to date, there have been more than thirty million-word book, you can say his impact on the results of these studies several generations of Chinese people.Yu Guangyuan research for the fifties and sixties of the last century, the spread of Marxist political economy in China has played a significant role. ” Cultural Revolution ‘former political economics textbooks in college we learned that Mr. Yu Lao, who coauthored. “Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lu Zheng,abercrombie france, deputy director of the Department of Economics, said in an interview with reporters.1966 “Cultural Revolution” began,barbour pas cher, three years later, Yu Guangyuan is delegated to Ningxia cadre school. In the far northwest, although far from the academic atmosphere, but there’s three years, but it never stopped thinking Yu Guangyuan academic. At the time Yu Guangyuan probably did not think that his work experience will be as Deng’s political fortunes and fluctuating. 1975, has been restored deputy prime minister, presided over the central work of Deng Xiaoping to the central government to establish a new institution – political research, the direct leadership of the State Council.Is the sixtieth year of Yu Guangyuan into the political laboratory. According to the relevant records,barbour paris, was in charge of the room there were seven people – Qiaomu, Wu cold west, Hu Sheng Xiong Fu,scarpe hogan outlet, Yu Guangyuan, Li Xin and Deng Liqun.However, as the “Gang of Four” persecution, 1976, Deng Xiaoping was forced to leave the center of political power once again,christian louboutin paris, this time the State Department Policy Research has become precarious,boutique louboutin paris, but eventually “other” to Deng Xiaoping back until 1979 was declared to complete its mission. At this critical moment, published in the “People’s Daily” article,barbour paris, but in truth the standard discussion of China set off a wave of emancipation.At the time of the Chinese theorists.

basically decided the woman was not the council staff, detailed the case is still under investigation .Yu Guangyuan multi-faceted lifeAlthough the top students of Tsinghua University, but we Yu Guangyuan eventually became the economic field. At the same time, he was still in the field of philosophy, pedagogy, sociology, political science and other successes. In his later years, Yu Guangyuan is made to “play school”, claiming playing scientistMan | “off” reporter Cao Wei in BeijingAt 3:00 on September 26, 2013, Mr. Yu Guangyuan generation academic masters in Beijing, died at 98 years of age.As a scholar, if you can put in the country in his academic career, people have a great impact on academic theory, enough pleased. And such theories proposed by Yu Guangyuan, far more than one.Breadth of philosophy, economics, education, sociology, political science … and their field of study,christian louboutin, like many titles Yu Guangyuan also witnessed the founding of new China to trace the historical development of the reform and opening up. From macro to micro, both involved in the fate of the country toward the top-level design, or call for people to explore and lifestyle changes, rigorous scholarship focused Yu Guangyuan influence attitudes which are very far-reaching.Members: participate in the market economy”I think, from the founding to the 20th century China, Yu Guangyuan, Xue Muqiao, Mr. Sun Yefang three are accomplished most Chinese economists, the most influential economist,parajumpers femme, trained generations Economist on China’s economic construction and development from the important role. “has been around for many years in Guangyuan famous Economist, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Economics, former director Zhang Zhuoyuan Speaking to reporters in Guangyuan, do the evaluation.Although the top students of Tsinghua University, but we Yu Guangyuan eventually became the economic field.1956.

distribution according to work is regarded as the foundation of the bourgeoisie produces and capitalism. Early 1977,louboutin, Yu Guangyuan first one to stand out, to be presented to discuss the problem of socialism according to his work.Zhang Zhuoyuan said in 1977, China began to order out of chaos theory,parajumpers femme, Yu Guangyuan,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, “in economic circles is the lead.” He organized and chaired the five consecutive seminars criticism “gang of four” distorted slander socialist principle of distribution according theoretically clarify several important issues.Since a few years later,parajumpers paris, Yu Guangyuan research involves the Chinese economic reform in almost all the major issues, and made groundbreaking theory.According to the author recalls the parties.