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and Iowa went to the hotel.The room is a large double room, mustaches advanced to bathe, wash it down on the bed to sleep. Stumbled, he was not quite right: “Someone touched my genitals,pjs doudoune, anus also was the top a couple of something, I feel pain, I immediately woke up.”Open your eyes,christian louboutin, mustaches could not believe what happened, he pushed Iowa, took the clothes went to the door, dressed after, he grew more and more gas, and ran back to the room hit Iowa twice.Iowa did not fight back.At the police station, Iowa admit that he was premeditated: “I just want him to drink, drink late, he certainly can not go back, then I can open the room to sleep with him, I was ready to have sex with him of. “Police investigators told reporters, Iowa condom ready in advance, booked a hotel room.His heart has a secretIn fact, Iowa has a wife with children over the years, my wife has been working out with him.Iowa to the police that his heart there is a secret for many years, and others have never heard of.”I grew up on a man has a special interest.” Iowa said about seventeen or eighteen, when he felt “a bit of fun to be with a man,parajumpers femme,” after sensible, see handsome little man, and he wanted to close.1.75 m mustaches, wearing glasses, scrub, delicate features.”I think he looks pretty good, there is the idea.” Iowa,boutique louboutin paris, said he had never previously and had sex with other men,woolrich outlet online, this time to drink a little wine.

a little impulsive.After the event,hogan outlet, mustaches back home in Anhui,woolrich outlet, the reporter called his phone, he said:. “I do not want to say.”(Original title: he was drunk after a supper male colleagues “rape” a)Men are sexual assaultWhy it is difficult into the penaltyMen have been raped in the “Criminal Law” blank, has aroused great concern. From 2006 onwards, the country many times relevant proposals and motions on the two sessions,hollister milano, but has yet to be reflected in the “Criminal Law.”Why is this so hard to change? Yesterday,tiffany outlet, the reporter interviewed the CPPCC National Committee, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences,hogan outlet, Faculty of Political Science Director Liu Baiju studio.Mr. Liu was presented at the 2006 NPC and CPPCC proposal for “Criminal Law” will seriously criminalize same-sex sexual behavior over the years, he has been committed to promoting this work, is the authoritative experts in the field.”Sodomy” had belonged to hooliganismIn 1984.

Wang shop, a young guy a look of anger, a little older man left a block of large bruise.Police first reaction is: a fight? The strange thing is that the injured man had been said he deserved to be hit, are their own good.These two men are mustaches and Iowa, are working in a company in Jiaxing shop. Mustaches into the company only half a month, Iowa has spent seven or eight years, is a buyer.Mustaches to the police that he did not hit, but it is also a reason.He hesitated for a long time,hogan scarpe, face flushed,woolrich prezzi, just tell the truth.”Monday morning,chaussures louboutin pas cher, they drank wine, Iowa mustaches while drunk faint, violated his.” Xiuzhou Jiaxing City Public Security Bureau police station shop Dehua Wang said, mustaches hit Iowa fists,parajumpers homme, and afterwards do not vent, took him to the police station.”I certainly do not want to, I was also drunk,louboutin pas cher, stumbled,giubbotto woolrich, and if clear, then, certainly will not let him do it.” Mustaches on the police.

“he told me to do this kind of thing, as A man, my mental been a big blow, I asked him deal with the public security organs according to law. “Iowa admit premeditatedAccording to police learned that the king went to the store after mustaches, unfamiliar, when he was quite care, but did not show abnormalities.At 22:00 on July 31st and more, mustaches Iowa received a call, he went to Wang Zhen about the supper.Hu was in company dormitories, because the factory five or six kilometers from the town, he and Iowa, said: “Too late, no car, not to go.” Unexpectedly, Iowa called a tricycle to pick him up.The location is a supper stalls in town,hogan donna, during which they met another friend, a total of three evening drink a vat of beer, plus fifty-six bottles of beer.1:00 more mustaches have drunk dizzy, and Iowa said to him, not the car back to the factory at night,doudoune pjs, near the open room to sleep a night to forget.Mustaches did not think.