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the wide margin of chemicals is a group company, mainly engaged in fine chemicals, pharmaceutical raw materials, food and feed additives, such as production, products include glyoxylic acid, glyoxal and so on.

said he did not hear gunshots.Relationship Fan Li, two former partnersSurrounding the incident to the most unsuspecting masses on the merits,pjs doudoune, but for home and Lee Van origins Shanghai Guangyu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in, but somewhat heard.Xu Jinglei (a pseudonym) is a small village in paragraph Jing locals, he said, because of these factories around the village, many of the village’s native population, the neighbors house, leased the majority of migrant workers. Young people have to go to work in the Shanghai area, left behind are like Xu Jinglei older.Guangyu Chemical boss Lee Chih not locals,parajumpers, but Zhejiang. In 2001, Lee Chih came home from Zhejiang, Shanghai, took a month Luo Highway 581 this chemical. Find information from the network.

February 17, 2014 night, after work, with his wife Wang ready for supper, when passing a supermarket door,doudoune parajumpers, saw Xu just come out from the supermarket.Color center underway Wang Xu quietly came to a end with alley, after determining no one around him, clasped Xu, Xu did not think had immediately contacted the boyfriend found after Wang’s whereabouts. When Xu boyfriend arrived on the scene, Wang Xu has begun the implementation of indecent behavior, in Xu boyfriend snapped sound, Wang fled again,chaussure louboutin femme, and to stay in the vicinity of the electric car.Later the police retrieved surveillance by Wang quickly find the electric car and electric vehicle based on clues arrested Wang,louboutin pas cher, Wang after blood samples for identification, but also to determine Wang Department had burglary suspects in attempted rape case .Court held that the defendant Wang violence, coercion rape of women, his behavior constituted the crime of rape, violence,boutique louboutin paris, coercion methods compulsory indecent women.

his behavior constituted the crime of forced lewd women, taking into account the Wang line first offense, criminal attempt, then made the above decision. (End)(Original title: Men watch porn for several months after the burglary, attempted rape, indecent assault was arrested after Shanghai Baoshan District Luo Road 581, Shanghai Guangyu Fine Chemical Co., doors locked, the police,parajumpers pas cher, the security cordon and vigilance than gloomy weather more people feel heavy.June 22 to 23 at night, – possession of a shotgun successive use Fanjie Ming suspects killed six people, including colleagues, black car drivers,abercrombie paris, guards and a wide margin chemicals,barbour paris, including boss Lee Chih. In the course of the attack, the suspect was arrested police, has been under criminal detention.Yesterday, the reporter went to the incident to visit and found the suspect and the victim Fanjie Ming Lee Chih exchanges for many years, was a close partner, the two against each other causes are economic disputes, Fan Zhiming finally starting to read murder.

but also economic disputes.On site Most people around the unsuspectingMay Luo highway connecting the Baoshan District, Town and Village Ronan.Located in the northern suburb of Shanghai Baoshan District, Baoshan District,red bottom shoes, Luo highway also northerly position. From January Luo highway about 30 km south,louboutin pas cher, only to the Shanghai Bund landmarks, while less than 10 kilometers north, went to the mouth of the Yangtze.Luo month near the highway,woolrich parka donna, is Shanghai’s second-largest artificial lake – Lake Malaren, gathered around Lake Malaren upscale residential and golf clubs, but in addition, they are all factory. Due next Baosteel and other large industrial enterprises, mostly small and medium factories operating here steel.

paper, energy,louboutin, pharmaceutical,parajumpers france, textile and other supporting industries. Shanghai Guangyu Fine Chemical Co., which is a small and medium sized factories.Due to remoteness, taxi drivers in Shanghai area need to ask the way to find the location, Luo Highway 581 number. “This is way off, and I could not have come several times a year. Today (23 May) is Sunday, the factory did not work, even hard to find someone to ask.” Taxi driver, said Luo months because the plant along highway many, the holidays are more deserted, to the night, past staff, vehicles even more scarce.In January Luo highway near the new North-month position,parajumpers pas cher, the driver finally found the incident – Shanghai Guangyu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. Because the night before the shooting, has been cordoned off in front of the company, police and security personnel on the scene of the blockade. For the case, security personnel remained silent,giubbotto woolrich, the people gathered in front of the company at the time of the crime situation, are also not well understood.A fat (a pseudonym) in the vicinity of the plant to work, but he also learned that the shooting through the network,red bottom shoes for women, “I’ve heard the old paradigm (the suspects) to kill the first person when using sulfuric acid, the factory will produce sulfuric acid. “A hair at the same time admitted, because the plant has been shut down for some time, it still has very few factory workers, all kinds of messages are not confirmed.From the incident to the south, about 200 meters,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, is the Baoshan District, Jing Town Village. Even a stone’s throw away from the incident, residents here also limited understanding of the merits of the network news. Duan Jing night shift security Village Committee.