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Tire crusher machine can be configured on-board high-power generator, supports two drive mode, customers can choose according to the construction site for external power supply or independent drive operation. Feeder with pre screening, manual turning plate device can easily switch to pre screening material, the side belt machine, can simultaneously output two finished material.

Aiming at the customer site greatly super strength feed working habits, portable crusher plant  on the feeding hopper of the characteristics of reinforcement, compared with similar products,anti deformation and anti abrasion ability to further strengthen. Patent buffer bed design effectively prevents the materials on the belt of the impact, greatly prolongs the service life of the belt.

In the material basis to ensure the smooth flow, tire crusher improves the design of structure to prevent material leakage, make customer job site cleaning work become more simple.

In the electrical control system, tire crusher station using high-end configuration: LCD touch screen, control cabinet, PLC control system, with the wrong operation tips and protection, electrical control operation, fault and safety tips and other functions. In an emergency, through the emergency stop switch, the realization of the emergency stop.

quarry crusher plant: http://www.hotsbm.com/products/quarry-crusher.html