Portable crusher to promote the development of mining machinery

With the development of China’s economic efficiency, ore industry flourish, portable crusher is essential for the development of the project, it is mainly for raw materials based industry sector services, mainly from coal, iron and steel, chemicals, nonferrous metals, building materials and other industry application and even extended to the railway, highway, hydropower and other large engineering construction use. Portable crusher is mechanical engineering a variety, complex equipment, light machinery industry, its equipment mainly comprises a crushing equipment, lifting equipment, sand making equipment, transportation equipment, grinding equipment, screening equipment, washing equipment and calcination equipment.

A new station crushing equipment currently used in building portable crushing, garbage disposal project, save manpower, space, cost and other resources, is crushing equipment in the mainstream, the equipment flexibility, good maneuverability, can save a lot of construction cost, can be used for on-site crushing and with the raw material mining face advancing and moving for the material, thereby greatly reducing the material transportation costs, customers can according to the actual application of raw materials for processing their types, size and material requirements using a variety of different configuration, the machine greatly expanded the concept in the field of coarse crushing, consisting of ‘first crushed sieve’ or ‘screening break’ according to the different process of crushing process, according to the actual demand for self crushing crushing and screening system ends, and can also be combined into 3 fine screening system, can actually satisfy the needs of different customers.

Portable Crusher Excellent performance:
1, the broken jaw hydraulic mine mouth, which can quickly adjust mine clearance convenient.
2, using high performance crusher is suitable for crushing hard rock and construction waste.
3, integrated motor and control box.
4, feeder adopts a double-layer structure, convenient to soil and fine material screening, more easy to work.
5, the use of steering traction axis for highway transportation and site depth.