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Mutant skate shoe / dress shoe

I’m looking for a good pair of sneakers that split the difference between “casual” and “work.” Mostly this is for casual Fridays at my office,Giuseppe Zanotti Design Online Store, when I want something cool/relaxed on my feet to go with some jeans,discount Nike Soccer Shoes online sale, but my ratty Converse sneakers might come off as too informal. I like the Vans Ludlow and Pritchard collections,jordans shoes for sale, but the shoes in those links are limited edition and appear to be gone. The newest models in those collections don’t fit my aesthetic tastes all that well. Is there anything along those lines – sort of a hybrid skate sneak / dress shoe,kd weatherman shoes for sale, with a playful hint at formal classiness – you can recommend?

These shoes must exist,Roger Vivier Designer Heels Online, they must: my web buddy Rik Abel spotted them in Brighton (UK) of all places. Since AskMeFi has been so remarkably efficacious in the past – accurate responses,discount nike soccer shoes, response time on the order of ~10 minutes – I figured I’d give you guys a try before packing my quest in entirely.