processing flow of portable crushing and screening plant

Portable crusher plant is a new type of multi-functional ore processing equipment, which is loved by users once it is launched. It can match different equipment according to production demand. Portable crushing and screening plants is a multi equipment combined device, which is mainly used for crushing and processing of all kinds of crushing materials, and is active in various mines and streets, belonging to an unusual portable crushing equipment.

Processing flow of portable crushing and screening production line

The reason why this equipment is said to be a portable crushing and screening integrated production line is that it is equipped with feeding, crushing, screening, conveying and other devices, and can realize the full-automatic mode of crushing and processing operation under the control of the electronic control system, also known as the full intelligent portable crusher.

This portable crushing and screening integrated production line is equivalent to an intelligent + portable coat crushing production line. The main processing flow is divided into single machine operation and multi machine combined operation, as follows:

Single machine operation: vibrating feeder – crushing processing – conveyor belt transportation to the vibrating screen – vibrating screen to screen out the particle size required by customers, to meet the requirements of the left, not meet the requirements of the material, conveyor belt re sent to the crusher for secondary crushing processing, that is, the output of the finished product. (applicable to materials with smaller feed particle size and softer properties)

Combined operation of multiple machines: vibrating feeder – portable jaw crusher plant for primary crushing – conveyor belt transporting to portable impact crusher / portable cone crusher for secondary crushing, crushing to the appropriate size into the screening machine – vibrating screen screening out the finished product size meeting the requirements. (applicable to materials with large feed particle size. It can also be combined with the portable sand making machine for sand making operation according to the demand)

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