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As the artificial sand has been used more and more widely in many industries, its price is also rising to great extent. The popularity of the artificial sand drives the further development of the sand making machine  and at the same time leads to the occurring of a large number of sand maker manufacturers who can produce more and more quality sand materials. Our company is one excellent competitor among so many companies and we are marching to a mature developing road.

The sand makers and related technology are both developing fast and our company keeps doing new research and development on the domestic and international artificial sand making technology applied in many industries. We find that there are still problems and room for improvement during trial and error and we also predict the future development direction for the sand maker technology. Based on the continuous experiment, Zenith has manufactured a new generation of sand maker adopted the latest and most advanced working principle, which makes breakthrough in the sand making industry.

According to customers’ requirement, our company will provide different types of stone production lines with advantages of high reduction ratio and production efficiency, large handling capacity and good compressive strength. The products crushed and made by the production lines are without clinking and easy to maintain. The wear parts of the equipment are made of super wear resistant materials which will make the device work for quite a long time.
Our company stands for the domestic artificial sand making plant leader in China and we are favored by customers because of the high sand making level and good after sale service.