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Rock broken is the craft and theory that make part of rock mass in mining assignments break away from matrix and then crushed into rocks. Quarry crusher has an importable role in the stone production line and in stone production line there are usually four methods as follows.

1. Shooting water type flow broken method including high flow rate with low pressure and high pressure with small flow rate. The former pressure is not more than 2 x 107 Pa, which is used more for hydraulic mining or coal mining; The latter pressure can reach several hundred million palmer (Pa) or above, which is used for cutting rock. In addition, there is the pulsed jet technology with which solid rocks can be effectively broken without a great power. Currently the highest instant pressure has reached 5.6 GPa.

2. Thermal type broken method, which can create high temperature gradient in the rock, make use of various components of the thermal expansion coefficient and produce thermal stress, so that make rock flake or crisp fragile. The method is more helpful for rocks including many quartz.

3. Explosive broken method. It crushes rocks with the great energy released at eh moment from explosive or other explosives.

4. Mechanical broken method. There are four ways: cutting, blunt cutting, roller compaction and grinding. When rock broken, the sand maker is used into rock, and close-grained nuclear appears in the mass in the front of moving rock fragmenttation tools. There are large broken body around the close-grained nuclear.

As to four crushing ways, there are advantages and disadvantages. For example, the tools will wear down in crushing process, shooting water type flow broken with high pressure consume high energy, the physical construction is complex and so on. Currently explosive broken method is widely used in the line of stone production and it’s most efficient. Investors can pick proper crushing method according to their conditions to avoid and reduce unnecessary energy consumption and loss.

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