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China’s machinery manufacturing industry in the “winter” to “outshines others”, the implementation of which benefit from the central government to cope with the international financial crisis package, more benefit from quarry crusher manufacturing enterprises according to the new changes in the global economic environment, innovation and development of ideas,adapt to the market rapidly, speed up the adjustment of product structure and the pace of industrial upgrading.

But still we should be soberly aware that, although the development of China’s quarry crusher manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, the major technical equipment level of autonomy is obviously improved, part of the product technology level and market share leap to the forefront of the world, but compared with advanced countries, China’s equipment manufacturing industry there is still not a small gap. In the fields of the national economy, industry equipment localization rate to improve greatly, at present, China’s domestic equipment to the domestic market to meet the rate of less than 60%, the ratio is lower in the areas of major technical equipment, particularly in the manufacturing of crusher,sand making machine, sand production line in medium and small machinery.

The main problems existing in the equipment manufacturing industry in China: one is in the technical level, the product is still in the industrial chain in the low-end, lack of global brandsand high-end products, products lack core competitiveness. The two is the basis of supporting ability is weak, the key components still need to import. Three is the equipment industry industrial concentration is too low.

Authority of the state sector statistics according to the “market concentration index”, the total amount of the top 10 companies, America is 58.4%, Japan is 53.4%, China is 7.5%. The index of concentration we too small, that we have no real leading enterprises, no big business. The four is from the industry structure, on the whole is in the low-end, low level of too many things, the low-end products overcapacity, the market competition also belongs to the excessive competition. The high-end product development ability is insufficient,production capacity is also inadequate, many high-end areas by foreign occupation.

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