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Deemed “The City in the Country” by local residents, the thriving city of Poway mixes a business environment with rustic charm,rap beats, creating one of the most unique communities in the area. With the lowest crime rate in the nation, this simple town is known for its hospitality and charm. An ideal spot to both live and work, the Poway real estate area offers a large array of housing options, striving to satisfy every resident in the quaint community.
Location an Advantage for Poway Real Estate
The natural beauty of the Poway real estate area is characterized by rolling hills, lush landscaping, and more than 3,000 acres of wide-open space. Home to several biking,beats wireless headphones, jogging, and hiking trails, the Poway real estate community embraces its natural elegance. The environmentally sound city of Poway is home to the brilliant waters of Lake Poway, and the Blue Sky Ecological Reserve. The climate of Poway is considered mild, with summertime highs reaching 90 degrees.
Centered just 20 miles northeast of downtown San Diego, Poway is centrally located on Interstate 15. Noted for its steady business growth, Poway is home to South Poway Business Park. This expansive business center incorporates 313 businesses, and employs about 12,000 individuals.
Diverse Mixture Composes Poway Real Estate
The Poway real estate area is composed of mainly residential communities, developed for those employed in and around the city. Poway real estate offers a diverse mixture of housing options,online beat maker, including single-family and attached homes, custom-built houses, condominiums, apartments and townhouses. There are several rustic homes centered on large lots, and also areas in the Poway real estate vicinity that are zoned for horses. There have been 15,000 “horse estates” built since the 1960s; these are mostly single-family, detached homes designed for the middle class resident. Many neighborhoods in the Poway real estate area are considered suburban although most of the land surrounding the property is open country.
The average home in Poway sells for almost $860,000, with an average square foot price of $350. Poway real estate prices depend on a variety of factors, including age, style,beats wireless speakers, size, and location.
Poway Real Estate Area Offers Abundant Recreational Activities
The Poway real estate area is home to various recreational destinations and activities, sure to satisfy almost anyone. The center of the Poway real estate community, Poway Park hosts several events each year, including farmers’ markets and craft shows. The park is also home to a vintage train which offers rides to the many visitors of Poway. The Poway Center for Performing Arts is a non-profit organization which has a partnership with both the city of Poway, and the Poway Unified School District. This organization offers a wide array of professional performing arts events including, theater and dance productions, and concerts.

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