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New and old friends to a certain majority of  artificial  sand making machine is not strange, with the rapid development of the national economy continually, sand making machine has become a large machine indispensable in building engineering.

Long engaged in the first-line technical staff work must have heard “VSI series sand making machine”, VSI series sand making machine introducing advanced science and technology from Germany to be fine for years before the advent of the research, it is a high performancesystem sand equipment with international advanced level, the outstanding performance is the old sand making machine can not match. It can be Shadi stone type into the ratio of up to 10-20%. Sand making machine wide application also proves that China’s construction industryvigorous sand making machine, then what are the advantages?

Sand making machine has the following advantages:

1, energy saving and environmental protection, super high yield;

2, the product is cubic, high packing density, low pollution characteristics of iron.

3, fine, fine grinding, high packing density, small iron pollution;

4, in the production of automatic protection bottom fuselage, stone, zero wear, longapplication time;

5, the structure is novel, unique, stable operation;

6, low noise points Bai, installation way diversification, also can install mobile;

7, smooth running, low noise, high efficiency and energy saving, high efficiency;

8, body easy to wear parts made of hard and wear-resistant materials, with small volume,light weight, has replaced;