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The structure of Raymond mill is mainly composed of feeding machine, hopper, dosing dosing pump, Raymond grinding equipment, outlet bin and air intake device. The modified Raymond mill with super grinding fineness of grinding performance and light high performance; high specific surface area and a transparent material; have excellent properties of light milling under UV light and solar light, and stability and good performance for repeated use. And continuous powder processing. Widely used in plastic products, plastics, building materials, pipes, wires and cables, automotive plastics, rubber products, coatings, inks, adhesives and other fields.

Since 1980s China has insufficient fineness and intermittent Raymond mill large pattern, not only to improve the quality of powder processing, improve the efficiency of powder processing, but also reduces the amount of energy consumption and change of agents: the amount of modifier average dropped more than 10%, the unit energy consumption reduced by more than 50%.

Raymond mill equipment integration impact, shear, friction, change to the whirlpool effect on high strength material dispersion and strengthen the collision between the materials in the material; and the rotor and the impact friction process and material friction temperature in finite cavity can be adjusted through the motor speed regulation, feed gas flux speed and superfine grinding; using variable vortex cyclone flow to increase the chance of grinding  particle and surface materials and ensure the ultra-fine grinding work time.

Raymond mill equipment but also solve the Raymond Mill batch modification technology of ultra-fine powder products, agglomeration spillover, loss of material and pollution workshop and other issues, but also reduces labor intensity, expand the single processing capacity, the large scale mines by grinding equipment production activity of non metallic mineral powder processing easier. At present, there are more than 1000 sets of Raymond mill equipment used in industry, including superfine and  light calcium carbonate, superfine heavy calcium carbonate, superfine kaolin, aluminium hydroxide and talcum powder.

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