Raymond mill can achieve energy saving and environmental protection effect

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The milling industry is a continuous progress and development of the industry, with the pace of development of mining equipment change rapidly, Raymond mill emerge in an endless stream, we sebang industrial production technology group has been a lot of customers love, this is the six major advantages of our products based on.

1. Raymond mill equipment can achieve high efficiency and low consumption of energy saving and environmental protection effect.

2. The worn parts, such as grinding roller mill ring, have long service life.

3. The overall structure of Raymond mill is reasonable, and the use of safety and reliability is high.

4. The fineness of the finished product of Raymond mill is up to 300-3000.

5. The equipment is equipped with dust removal equipment, and the environment is clean and clean during the operation.

6. the equipment uses advanced intelligent variable frequency speed control device.

Our Raymond mill is superfine in fineness, and how does the fineness of the fineness win?

1. the influence of feed hardness, the smaller the feed, the higher the purity.

2. the influence of feed fineness, if according to reasonable feed grain size, can produce fine fineness of the powder material.

3. the size of the feeding air, the powder material will become coarser when the air volume is large, and the time of small wind can be finer.

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