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Has a long history of development of Raymond mill , from the end of last century people developed to now, stable performance of Raymond mill has been gradually recognized by people, so there are still many enterprises choose ore powder Raymond mill to process all kinds of. Milling equipment eliminated speed is very fast, but such a milling device capable of enduring, it also directly show that its performance is worth affirmation.

The earliest milling equipment out of the production structure and Raymond mill is somewhat similar, are mainly used for processing of coal power plants, heating, so now many enterprises still use the Raymond mill to processing of coal to meet the boiler combustion process. Later people to do further improvement on this basis, the structure is in the machine center stands with a rotating spindle frame with plum, plum frame hang 3 or more rotation grinding roller, rotary shaft rotation speed to drive a certain grinding roller to swing outwards,and embedded in the cylinder on the inner wall of the mill ring is pressed on the drive from the heart of the force. Although this system has changed, but most of the work of the original or not change. This new generation of Raymond mill was born, and has been in use ever since, although the modern has launched the ball mill, tilting mill, superfine grinding machine,but Raymond Mill powder machinery market continues to occupy a very important part of an indispensable role.

With the popularization of Raymond Mill in the market, the demand for the product has also produced a larger gap. At present, there are a lot of production to Raymond mill manufacturers, price is also uneven, chaotic market, users must be certain manufacturers in the choose and buy when a production strength, good reputation of the manufacturers can rest assured to buy.