Raymond Mill Structure and Working Principle

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Raymond mill is a kind of equipment for grinding ore and non-metallic minerals. Its performance advantages are high fineness of finished powder and high pass rate. The main use of Raymond mill is to process ore and minerals, such as ore, activated charcoal, bentonite, bauxite, clay, shale, Raymond Mill kaolin, cement, gypsum, glass and thermal insulation, and some hard brittle materials can also be processed by Raymond mill.

Raymond mill is mainly composed of main engine, blower, superfine analysis machine, finished whirlwind collector, bag dust collector and connecting pipe pipe. According to user’s needs, it can also be equipped with auxiliary equipment such as hoist, storage bin, electric control cabinet, powder machine and crusher.

In the micro milling grinding room, the grinding roller assembly is suspended on the roller hanger by the transverse load shaft, the roller hanger is connected with the spindle and the blade holder, the pressure spring is pressed on the outer end of the cantilever bearing by the pull rod tightly, and the transverse load axis is the supporting point, and the roller is pressed on the circular surface of the ring by the pressure of the spring. When the machine rotates through the transmission device, the shovel knife mounted on the shovel holder rotates synchronously with the grinding roller, and the grinding roller rotates around itself while rolling on the inner surface of the grinding ring. The analysis machine drives the impeller of the analysis machine through the motor drive device, and the speed adjustment of the analyzer determines the fineness of the powder.

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