Raymond Mill Working Principle

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In the mill equipment, the production investment cost of Raymond mill is low. The three-dimensional structure saves the area of the production line. Similar to the design principle of vertical mill, Raymond mill can form an independent production system from rough processing of raw materials to conveying to powder making and post-packaging. The difficulty of manual operation is low, and centralized control is adopted in the electrical system to improve production efficiency.

Raymond Mill Working Principle: The main control parameters affecting the performance of Raymond grinding include the number of grinding rollers, the diameter and width of the grinding rollers, the diameter and height of the grinding ring, the speed of the main engine, the size of large feed, the size of finished products, the output and the size of the outer core. The Raymond mill parameters of different models are directly related to the investment and economic return ratio of production line construction. Raymond Mill is the key to high productivity and high yield, so as to make further breakthroughs in fineness and output of different materials in a planned and strategic manner.

The main parts of Raymond mill are made of high quality castings and profiles. The durability of Raymond mill is guaranteed from fine manufacturing process to rigorous production process. The order of Raymond mill switch should follow the prescribed process, and do well in data analysis and spare parts supply in preparation, installation and commissioning.

1. Raymond mill is a vertical structure, which covers a relatively small area and has a strong system. Whether it is from rough processing of raw materials or from conveying to powder making and packaging, it can be an independent production system.

2. Compared with other grinding equipment, Raymond mill has a high pass-through screening rate of 99%, which is generally not reached by other grinding equipment.

3. The transmission device adopts hermetic gearbox and pulley, which ensures smooth transmission and reliable operation.

4. The important parts of Raymond mill are made of high-quality castings and profiles. The process is fine and rigorous, which ensures the durability of the whole set of equipment.

5. The electric system adopts centralized control. The grinding workshop can basically achieve unattended operation, and maintenance is convenient.

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