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1961)Presidency Age: 47 years oldBirthplace: HawaiiHighest degree: Doctor of LawsPresident-elect former professional: community workers, lawyers, university teachers, parliamentariansFamily: wife and two daughtersIndonesia was elected president Djoko? Widodo the 20th president was sworn in as Indonesia’s seventh in the capital Jakarta.Presidential inauguration ceremony was held in the morning in the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly building. In the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly to witness the main , Djoko and Vice President Yusuf? Kara inaugural book signing,red bottom boots, became the new vice president of Indonesia.Djoko called in his inaugural speech of unity and cooperation of all the people of Indonesia, Indonesia will build into a sovereignty, economic development of independent, unique culture of the country. He also said that the future of the Indonesian nation oceans.

” “Jakarta Globe” online edition editor woo said Djoko everything themselves, asking what the public needs, close to the people, and people think he’s actually doing it.Djoko believe that democracy intention is to improve the lives of the people, he went to the village,nike tn officiel, next to the river bank and market contact people and ask what they want, and then provide a solution.Whether in Thoreau or Jakarta, Indonesia, Djoko always like to wear traditional dress shirt Buddy visited slums, listen to their views. He also frequented experience hawkers and rickshaw pullers life. Not only that, when he does not visit the local government office and the tax authorities,air max, so that inefficient bureaucrats know that he is closely watching their work.In addition to close to the people, he also refused to replace the luxury town car, Djoko to open Indonesia’s production of spare parts assembled Ghia car pride,barbour soldes, it is said,pandora, the car is only worth 95 million rupiah (about RMB 48,000).Local performance earned a global reputationDjoko specializes in improving the infrastructure in Jakarta launched a delay of up to 10-year-old subway system. He also 7000 poor families from the village of North Jakarta coral dwelling in the vicinity of the reservoir to move out of intensive, relocated to the public low-cost housing.Due to the place of work done fast Djoko, honors followed. US “Foreign Policy” magazine listed him as “the world’s leading thinkers in 2013”; “Forbes” magazine to incorporate them into “world’s top 50 leaders.

to the 53-year-old young president as “the country since 1998 to implement reforms and maintenance of democracy New Hope. “It seems people in Indonesia,hollister, looks exactly like Obama, loving rock Djoko is a veritable political star, he was different from the previous military origin of the Indonesian politician,tn air max 2014 pas cher, he stay away from corruption, people like to go to in the past.Unsuccessful students and businessmenIn 1961, Obama was born in Hawaii, two months ago, Djoko birth in Indonesia Solo City slum. He is not a teenager academic excellence, not even once admitted to high school. Reluctantly from a local university Forestry School,nike tn pas cher, he worked as a staff, sold the furniture, but also opened the company, but ultimately failed. In 2005, he was involved in politics, although political recruits, but Djoko blockbuster,tn pas chere, has been elected mayor of the city of Solo. In seven-year tenure, he not only reduce crime Solo City, but also to revive the economy,christian louboutin pas cher, the establishment of a clear and bright and clean local governments.Please hawkers coffee convince relocationDuring any of the local officials, he often took to the streets home direct contact with the voters. He never violent expulsion of a street vendor in the lower classes, but to invite them for coffee,tn pas cher, dinner, make recommendations for the renovation of his cityscape street vendors migrate to the latter. This “emotionally moving” way, so many hawkers convinced to accept relocation.Such achievements make him beat a strong opponent in 2012,hollister pas cher, he was elected Chief Executive of Jakarta. “He totally unconventional.

he will develop the marine industry in the five-year term, Indonesia will build into a powerful maritime nation.Djoko, 53 years old,nike tn, born roots,red bottom heels, known as the “Indian Mourinho Bama.” Shortly after graduating from college, he will follow in the family furniture business. 2005 foot in the political arena. After politics, Djoko urban slums often deeply sympathetic to their needs, with personal income aid poor farmers with little bureaucracy, friendly people and pragmatic image gradually gained recognition. In July,louboutin, he won 53.15 percent of the vote to the presidential election.”I want to tell the fishermen, workers, farmers, traders,toms, hawkers,christian louboutin, drivers, academics, workers, soldiers, police, entrepreneurs and professionals,air max pas cher enfant,” Djoko said in his inaugural address, “Let us work together, side by side, Because this is a historic moment. “Special envoy of Chinese President Xi Jinping, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Yan Junqi attended the inauguration ceremony Djoko. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Australia Abbott, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, President of East Timor Lu Ake, US Secretary of State Warren and other countries Djoko dignitaries also attended the inauguration ceremony.Xinhua News Agency Xinhua / zhuangao � People Obama resembles politics nine years as president”The new Indonesian government Explorer: a civilian,” “New York Times” published on the 19th of this title Djoko interview a few days ago, the civilian president had just boarded the “Time” magazine cover.”Time” magazine in the “New Hope, Indonesian President Djoko is the power of democracy” as the title of the article.