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a vice-ministerial committee to serve as director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau,red bottom shoes for women.

dear viewers, welcome to enter is broadcast,louboutins, “News 1 + 1.”This is a 100 yuan RMB,discount christian louboutin shoes, we certainly have seen, but if this is 2 million $ 100 bills pile up you seen it? Anyway,zanotti femme, I have not seen, it is estimated that most people have never seen. But a few days ago we saw the Supreme Procuratorate at a news conference on the release, the deputy director of the NDRC in coal Yuan Peng Wei Division raided a home on cash about $ 200 million since the founding of this is, by far the largest disposable stolen money recovered most cases.Well, this news one online open pot,abercrombie and fitch, netizens have to start joking, saying that more than two hundred million yuan add up to the number of ah,abercrombie paris, but also made a variety of maps,escarpins louboutin, we give you a list about,chaussures louboutin, what was said there. Some say it was two meters tall pile of it; others say it is certainly the equivalent of three football fields spread area of; also also said that 16 cash registers work together two hours before the end point may be; there are people said it stacked up one by one.

this is roughly equivalent to the height of two hundred meters of the building.Well, go joking banter, but the real question,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the two billion who found out? This is the big anti-corruption bureau of the Supreme Procuratorate. In fact,bracciale tiffany, 20 years ago, when the newly established Anti-Corruption Bureau, we see the figure of corruption in tens of thousands, thousands, millions of units of measurement in this measurement, and now appears frequently on the millions, billions per unit of measurement. Corruption is constantly upgraded, that our anti-corruption department is not it should upgrade it? Just two days ago, Supreme Procuratorate announced the news,outlet peuterey, will set up a new anti-corruption bureau. Anti-Corruption Bureau to be upgraded, it will bring about what kind of change? Today we will focus on this program.Commentary:”Anti-Corruption Bureau” will usher in the upgraded version, October 31, when the Supreme Procuratorate announced the news, and somewhat contrary to all expectations. At a news conference on October 31, in addition to the anti-corruption bureau to be upgraded to the news,barbour pas cher, Supreme Procuratorate, also released a set of important data.October 31,louboutin, 2014 News:”From January to September this year,orecchini tiffany, the National Anti-Corruption Department prosecution of corruption and bribery cases were registered and 27 235 35 633 people, and last year grew by 9.9% and 5.6%, respectively.”Commentary:Behind the data,parajumpers pas cher, not just anti-corruption achievements, but also reflects the grim reality faced by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. Given the large number of cases, Supreme Procuratorate Deputy Attorney General Qiu Xueqiang interview with Xinhua News Agency in an interview disclosed that said: “After 20 years of development.

a number of issues affecting the effectiveness of investigators gradually exposed, especially in institutional settings unreasonable force dispersed, less than the case, overall fatigue, poorly equipped and other issues have become increasingly prominent. “Tsinghua University Law School worked Zuigao Jian Zhang Jianwei malfeasance Prosecutor’s Office:In line with the power handling, the overall number of prosecutors,nike store, it is clearly disproportionate, through the establishment of a new anti-corruption bureau, so that the power line handling the prosecution can grow further.Commentary:Zhang Jianwei, worked in the prosecutor’s office sending Zuigao Jian malfeasance, the status quo for the Anti-Corruption Bureau has a personal experience. In addition,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, long-faced public security “long lead”, in his view, is also a long-term obstacle restricting rot handling of the investigation.Zhang Jianwei:Entire prosecution, although subordinate leadership relationship, but there are still local party committees and leading prosecutors for, in fact,red bottoms, there is a dual leadership system, anti-corruption prosecutors sometimes force subject to this system.Commentary:Media said the new anti-corruption bureau director to be high with “vice-ministerial level.” Zhang Jianwei said the Anti-Corruption Bureau “upgraded”, will focus on investigating major beneficial.Zhang Jianwei:Establishment of a new anti-corruption bureau, or a full-time member of the Attorney General.