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6%),louboutin shoes, to promote student employment (22.3%) strengthen links between schools and industry (18.7%),abercrombie paris, disciplines needed (14.2%).17.2% of respondents with respect to hire some schools are blindly follow the trend of celebrity coaching performance.Why celebrities willing to enter school coach?Survey,parajumpers homme, 63.3% of respondents believe that celebrity into the school to teach is to expand their fame,giubbotti woolrich, 34.9% of respondents believe that in order to enhance their coaching celebrity status in the industry,chaussure zanotti, 29.8% of respondents believe that the celebrity coach is out of “alma mater Complex” , 26.8% of respondents believe that the celebrity coach for the convenience of doing academic research.The oral history as one of the lead people to introduce school, Collaborative Innovation Center, Communication University of China,parajumpers pas cher, deputy party secretary Boxi Ting believes that schools with well-known alumni of mutual cooperation is “an occasion.” “The school hopes to establish oral history research center can bring related disciplines. For Cui individual.

and when introduced to meet celebrities and school education law long-term planning,felpe hollister, effective use of existing teaching resources celebrity aid.East China Normal University professor Jin Zhongming believe that celebrity to enter college system to teach and research in related fields need to be,barbour soldes, or has been in the forefront of innovation in the field to have a say, to avoid quick success. He suggested that the introduction of celebrity coaching college planning well in advance,christian louboutin shoes, to establish a sound mechanism is introduced. For example, invited experts and scholars in related fields to vote on the celebrity lecture quality control coach.(Original title: celebrity into college coaching: 35.4% and 22.2% agreed with op[There are media reports that part supplier qualification was canceled because of the company FAW – Volkswagen advance of thousands of yuan funds outstanding,barbour paris, and has begun layoffs]Internal processing FAW corruption Woan finally put on the agenda.Some media reports,nike france, November 4,pjs doudoune, FAW – Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “FAW – Volkswagen”) issued an internal document, the immediate effect to cancel Beijing Haichen Sunny media advertising company (the “Haichen media organizations”) and other 19 advertising.

public relations class company FAW – Volkswagen supplier qualification, stop all yet started business.According to the head of the Central thirteenth Zhu Baocheng inspection teams to review comments and suggestions feedback FAW Group, FAW Group to increase internal staff to handle the same time, will increase the bribery of suppliers, distributors,abercrombie paris, advertisers, and other units of punishment efforts. The first FAW – Volkswagen 19 suppliers were discontinued operations,louboutin, beginning just FAW Woan centralized processing.Remediation beginningBy the end of November 2011, the earliest due to the real estate industry and the 4S auxiliary channel development and continue to burst the abuse of power scandal of FAW Group,cheap louboutins shoes, entered the National Audit Office’s audit eye of the storm. However,woolrich, due to the complexity of internal relations, internal review and processing progress FAW Group is not smooth.

it is done from the practice of journalism to the changing role of academic research.”Survey shows that 35.4 percent of respondents agreed with the school to hire celebrity coach, 22.2 percent of respondents opposed and 42.4% of the respondents said that hard to say.Into the school to teach celebrities should have what conditions? Survey,hogan sito ufficiale, respondents were most important is the solid academic foundation (65.4%) and a wealth of experience (62.8%), followed by a good character (60.2%) and some teaching experience (42.2%). There are 26.3% of respondents believe that the school should teach celebrities have extensive connections.”Universities should be careful to introduce celebrity coach.” Boxi Ting believes that the industry’s experience can guide you celebrity tap new growth point of teaching orientation and teaching. But teaching is a long-term project-related disciplines.