Requirements of Various Sectors for Diesel Generators

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Currently,the requirements of each sector for diesel generator set are roughly the same, namely simple operation, low error rate,free start, timely supply, safe and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low noise, etc. And the power supply voltage and frequency of the generator should be able to meet the requirements of electrical equipment. If the unit does not achieve the above requirements, it will affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.

For the safety assurance, before operating the generating set and, as a consequence, you should use the lighting tower and carry the preliminary controls out. The installation and the mounting have to be carried out properly, in the strict respect of all the directions given in this manual. Besides, all the parts of the generator and the light tower have to be in good conditions and regularly submitted to the foreseen periodical maintenance. The lighting plant precautions are supposed to be paid great attention. In the current time, the lighting tower is equipped with diesel generator sets that it can work efficiently and for long. In the market, you can find different types and sizes such lighting devices. To make it easier, you are advised to choose Longen, a leading supplier with many years experience. It provides you with high quality and super performance machine.

When the lighting tower works, unauthorized persons, objects or animals cannot be admitted to or interfere with the generator and the light tower. As we all know and have been mentioned that the contact with the power lines can cause serious injury to the personnel or lead to immediate death by electrocution. As we all know that the lighting plant is an important device, which bring us many benefits when it comes to industrial, mining illuminating. With the development of our today”s society and technology that the machine has been sold well around the world.