Ringo Starr admits that hed like to think the Beatles would have reunited

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Ringo Starr believes that the Beatles would have reunited if George and John were alive (WENN)

Of course,coach outlet online, the 72-year-old musician is asked the question all the time but with many bands from the Sixties and Seventies still going,coach outlet online, or having recently reformed,http://www.coachonlineusa.webs.com, Starr thinks it really could have been possible.

“Id like to think,coach outlet store online, yes,ghd, we would. Paul still goes out with his band,coach outlet online, I go out with mine and John would probably have been going out with his,coach outlet,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“George was not big on touring so I&rsquo,coach outlet store online;m not sure about him. But who knows,http://www.coachoutletfactoryis.webs.com… it could have come together.”

Unfortunately, Harrison died from lung cancer 12 years ago and Lennon was shot dead in 1980, so a reunion was never meant to be but the group still remain to be one of music’s most popular bands.

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