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The rock quarry crusher machine is one of the main equipment for mining machinery industry, for stone crusher indian at work, there will be dust, dust for stone crusher indian too much, will seriously affect the production capacity of for stone crusher indian and the health of workers. We as a Rock Crusher Machine Manufacturer can provides for stone crusher indian dust technology for the vast number of for stone crusher indian user, I hope for your help. For stone crusher general use of bag filter area is smaller, generally insufficient ventilation, so broken dust outlet plate cover and the cement ball mill installation technology cavity to form the micro negative pressure, so the work environment of dust is relatively large, is not conducive to breathe. Pipe the dust into the dust, the entrance pipe elbow of the system resistance increases, the elbow part is easy to wear and clogging dust.

The screw conveyor and the grid round dust, conveying bag dust catcher and increases power consumption, mechanical maintenance workload. often need to remove the grid round feeder, in the course of time, feeder flange leakage, air leakage intensified hopper. when crushing material humidity, dust particles into the dust collector is crushing dry material coarse, bag type dust collector bag easy to paste, feeder blockage, resulting in bag filter ventilation resistance increase, ventilation capacity decreased, serious dust. 4, in order to reduce the crushing machine shell leakage caused by dust, in the actual production, when the material drying is often in the broken water spraying machine at the entrance, the bag bag pasting exacerbating the bag type dust remover and feeder jam. The bag type dust collector is intermittent dust precipitator, when normal work, the grid round air leakage is a problem that can not be ignored.

A good production condition can not only prolong the service life of the machine, but also can improve production efficiency, increase income. our company has advanced dust removal technology, first-class customer service service team, advanced dust removal equipment, will solve the problem for you dust crushing machine .