sand making machine accelerate process of urbanization

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With the sand making machine plays a more and more important role in the construction,mining, metallurgy, chemical industry, and constantly upgrade sand making equipment, the new type sand making machine is developed on the basis of sand making equipment has a number of independent patent property rights of a new generation of products, create a new situation of sand making machine.

Along with the accelerated process of urbanization in China, the construction of the real estate industry vigorous development, building energy demand brought also increases ceaselessly, it is the third generation of vsi sand making machine has gradually become a market darling laid the cornerstone of the huge market development. New building materials is directly applied to various construction engineering, the very beginning, sand making machine with the significant advantages of the quality, efficiency, economy,environmental protection and other aspects, has gradually been recognised and valued. Its development not only fully reflects the national strategic policy of energy saving and emission reduction, but also to promote one of the important measures for the development of circular economy.

The new sand making machine, through the “stone dozen stone” crushing principle, realizes the material between the self impact crushing, the output cube finished at the same time, reduces wear on the machine and equipment; at the same time, the use of hydraulic open device through the unique design, the hydraulic jack is working, the crushing cavity parts repair replacement is convenient and quick. Reduce the shutdowntime, greatly saving cost. Practice has proved that the new system sand machine of reasonable gradation composition, fineness adjustable increase 30% than other traditional equipment for sand, shaping effect.

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