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With the sustained and stable development of China’s economy, in order to achieve the goal of green development, adhere to the principle of combining energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection with the development of new products and the environment, we strive to build environmentally friendly, low-carbon and energy-saving sand making machine. This Sand Making Machine has many series,such as vsi series, vsi5x series, vsi6x series sand making machine, they are all the environmentally friendly equipment, mainly in the following five aspects:

1. Sand making machine can effectively deal with materials with high moisture content and prevent blockage. When dealing with materials with excessive moisture content, the feeding chute and backlash plate of sand-making machine can be equipped with heating device to prevent material from bonding. Sand making machine does not need bottom sieve plate to prevent blockage effectively.

2. Sand making machine can adjust the grain size of discharging material in many ways, such as adjusting the speed of rotor, adjusting the gap between backlash plate and grinding chamber, etc. Clearance adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic type. The hydraulic control system can be used to adjust the clearance conveniently by local operation button or distance control system.

3. The abrasion of the plate hammer of the sand machine only occurs on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed will fall to the surface of the hammer (strike surface), and the back and side of the hammer will not be worn. There is little wear and tear even on the material side. And the bottom grinding rod is easy to replace. The metal utilization ratio of plate hammer in sand making machine can be as high as 45%-48%.

4. Sand making machine is suitable for both soft and very hard materials. The hammer of sand making machine is firmly fixed on the rotor by mechanical clamping structure. When it rotates with the rotor, it has a great moment of inertia. Compared with the hammer crusher (the hammer head is hanging), the rotor of the sand machine has greater momentum, adapts to crush harder materials, and consumes less energy at the same time.

5. Only 6 plate hammers are installed on the rotor of sand machine. The special tools can easily replace the plate hammers. It only takes one shift to replace a set of plate hammers. The replacement of the grinding rod in the bottom grinding chamber only takes tens of minutes, which greatly reduces the time and cost of overhaul and maintenance.

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