Sand Making Machine Performance Advantage

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The new VSI6X sand making machine is based on the original high performance VSI series, combined with the actual operating conditions of the equipment under different working conditions and the feedback suggestion of the operator, the advanced crushing equipment with higher crushing efficiency and intelligent control of operation is developed. The new Sand Making Machine mainly consists of the narrow V belt, the lower body part, the motor, the throwing head, the feed head, the upper cover, the crane, the counterattack block, the impact block, the impeller, the material cone, the spindle assembly and the motor frame.

By improving the feeding mode, optimizing the crushing cavity type, adopting the new rotor design and installing the lifting device, the machine greatly reduces the material flow resistance, improves the material passing ability, reduces the wear rate of the damaged parts, improves the energy utilization rate, prolongs the maintenance period, and shortens the maintenance time. It has become an advanced and representative high-performance crushing and sand making equipment in China.

Performance Advantage

1. The optimized disks and hydraulic devices have realized the perfect combination of the falling feed and the central feed, and the adjustment of the size of the central feed is more convenient, so that the material in the broken cavity is fully broken.
2. Excellent launch port and internal more smooth curve design, reduce material flow resistance, substantially improve material passing capacity, crushing efficiency is higher.
3. the weekly guard board adopts two blocks up and down, and it can be adjusted after wearing, prolonging the service life of the wear-resisting parts and reducing the operation cost.
4. optimize the frame structure, integrated design of motor frame and observation maintenance platform, compact structure, stable and reliable operation.
5. the motor block adopts hydraulic adjustment and advanced control elements to ensure the two sides of the spindle are uniformly stressed.
6. The lifting arm and lifting device of the upper cover are hydraulically controlled, and the replacement of the wearing parts is more convenient and quick.
The design of leak-proof structure without oil seal and multi-pipeline thin oil lubrication are adopted to realize simultaneous lubrication of upper and lower bearings, and the service life of bearings is significantly improved.
7. Self-contained vibration detection alarm device, if the equipment does not work properly, can issue a warning, equipment quickly stop working, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

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