sand making machine production efficient

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China’s sand making machine is a high efficient system sand blasting equipment integration of foreign science and technology research and development, such as the impact type sand making machine, it is the first foreign technology as the core of production in the domestic processing, along with the science and technology unceasing enhancement, the sand making machine manufacturers also use modern technology to the R & D, the ultimate production more in line with the sand making equipment in China, and also show that the rise of sand production technology in China.

However, many users in the sand production, will encounter the problem of declining production, so we should hold to the sand making machine itself, or the accountability to other reasons? According to our many years of sand production experience with many customers production study summed up the following conclusions:

1 material: sand material contain before 20 Tablets more and more influence system sand,because of these fine powder easily adhesion effect delivery. This depends on the requirements of the detailed mechanism sand plant and decide, if no special requirements,general materials will set system as the fineness of fine.

2 the hardness of a material, the sand making machine for crushing material hardness below 180, while for rigid materials shall be broken into finished products to produce perfect products, so in the cabin, the user must pay attention to the crushing of material hardness.

3 material viscosity: the material viscosity is bigger, more easily adhesion. The viscosity of material can be adhered on the inner wall of the cavity of the sand in the sand making machine, such as not timely, will seriously affect the sand making machine work efficiency,serious will affect the normal work of sand making machine. Sand making up more difficult material is hard, but also for the equipment wear more serious.

4 material humidity: namely material containing water is large, the material in the sand making machine and easy adhesion, easy also conveyed in the cutting process caused by the blockage, sand ability decrease. Therefore, in the choice of materials, we must pay attention to material viscosity can not be too large. So for the fine powder content materials should advance once sieve.