Sand making machine promotes the development of urban infrastructure

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Various provinces and cities infrastructure construction area is developing rapidly, building, highway, subway and so on aggregate demand rising year by year. Such as the construction of subway, Road extension, affordable housing construction, such a large-scale project construction, nature is little not sand making machine. Sand making machine for subway, city construction to make every effort to provide high quality sand aggregate.

Our new VSI sand making machine is designed for the ideal equipment High-speed Rail, subway, construction, highway project to provide quality gravel aggregate. The sand making machine equipment and traditional sand making machine than the advanced design, sand with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, safe and reliable, with good comprehensive properties.

Hydraulic gas advanced pneumatic device thinner lubrication and maintenance device makes the sand making machine 24 hours of operation efficiency and security, lubrication is more convenient, more durable. The unique principle of crushing sand (stone dozen stone hot stone) the sand making machine more powerful. The use of more durable crushing cavity special manufacturing process and high wear resistance makes VSI new sand making machine, 30% lower than the traditional equipment running cost, directly reduces the equipment costs. Sand range, manufactured sand with good quality, low cost, good sales volume, become the popular equipment present sand production business order.

We are a professional engaged in large-scale enterprise system sand machine, sanding machine, crusher, mining machinery and equipment production, R and D and manufacturing, the company through the years of study of artificial sand making machine and crusher series products, our company introduced the sand making machine, sand making production line model is complete, the price is reasonable. We also provide for the customer to guide the installation and technical support, design the process flow diagram, sand making equipment the most economic and reasonable configuration to allow customers to enjoy a turnkey project.

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