Sand washing machine plays an important role in the construction industry

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In the auxiliary equipment of mine machinery, the future of sand washing machine is greatly restricted by the downstream industry. In recent years, city construction requirements of new face new weather, the infrastructure construction in full swing, promoted the mass production of building materials products. Municipal engineering such as water conservancy, hydropower and highway construction has strict standards for fineness and purity of sand and gravel. Sand produced by sand making machine can not be put into operation immediately, and it needs washing and removing links of sand washing equipment to meet the national standard for building sand. Therefore, we have to admit that the sand washing machine will continue to play an important role in the process of mineral processing with the help of the east wind of the construction industry.

The main advantage of the sand washing machine in the fine production of building materials is that it has three functions: cleaning, dewatering and grading. The grinding between sand and gravel can remove the impurities covered on the surface of the material and complete the process of washing and dewatering of the aggregate under the action of strong flow of water. The wide application of sand washing machinery can greatly improve the product quality of the mechanism sand, and add bricks to the development of the construction industry in China. Here we are to analyze where the washing machine needs to be used.

First. After the process of crushing or sand making, there are a lot of waste stones in the sand and stone. It is necessary to use the sand washing machine to complete the removal of impurities and ensure the purity of the aggregate.

Second. if the amount of water and mud is too high, the ore should be washed before entering the crusher so as not to cause the clogging of the crusher.

Third. if the ore is to be selected and floatation, it is suggested that the sand washing equipment should be used for grading and drying to reduce the burden of subsequent production.

In a word, as a sand washing machine for improving the grade of ore, it is necessary to wash sand and remove the heterocyclic joints. High standard building materials required for city construction requirements under 5mm, cube grain type, free of impurities, in order to meet the development of the construction industry downstream equipment, sand washing machine will further penetrate into more areas of the production line in the sand, ensure construction sand and road with sand reached the national standard.

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