Sand Washing Machine Product Features

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Sand washing machine widely used in metallurgy, building materials, hydropower and other industries fine and coarse grained materials washing, grading and sorting operations, road construction sand is appropriate. Sand washing machine is the use of materials with different size and density of particles with different deposition velocity, fine granularity, density of small particles slow sedimentation velocity in the fluid, while the particle size, particle density and settling properties of fast speed, and the dust and sand separated from the magazine. And under the uniform stirring of the spiral plate, the utility model can achieve the purpose of filtering water, removing impurity and lifting conveying.

Sand washing machine product features
The spiral sand washing machine has the characteristics of long spiral, unique bearing seal design, simple structure, strong processing ability, convenient maintenance and replacement, and sufficient cleaning. Widely used in all kinds of ore sand, river gravel sand, construction waste crushing etc..
1. Structural optimization, the use of more reliable
2. Automatic lubrication system, stable and efficient
3. Optimized transmission mode, longer service life
4. Human design, save worry, save trouble, more security

Working principle of sand washing machine
Sand washing machine work, motor through the belt, reducer, gear reducer drives the impeller to rotate slowly, sand from the feed chute into the washing tank, roll driven impeller and grinding each other, remove the gravel covered surface impurities, while destruction of water vapor – coated sand layer, in order to facilitate the dehydration. At the same time, water is added to form a strong water flow, and foreign bodies with small impurities and small proportion are removed in time, and discharged from the overflow washing tank for cleaning. Clean sand and gravel taken away by the leaves, and finally gravel from the rotating impeller into the trough, complete the cleaning role of sand and gravel.

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