Sand washing machine working characteristics

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Sand washing machine is also called artificial sand washing equipment. The device can remove impurities covering the sand and gravel surface, and simultaneously destroy the moisture layer of the coated sand, so as to be beneficial to dehydration, and has the function of high efficiency sand washing.

Sand washing machine adopts wheel structure, equipped with sand machine is necessary sand washing products. Besides, the stone powder and residue can be washed away so as to improve the quality of molding sand. Sand washing machines, using advanced technology and practical considerations in the sand industry, are applicable to cleaning, grading and dewatering sand plants, construction sites, hydropower stations, dams, glass manufacturing and oilfield development.

1. High output and low power consumption.

2. Longer service life and convenient maintenance.

3. Reasonable structure.The impeller drive address is abandoned from baptize and abstracts active in washer,which abundantly abstain the address damaged because of assimilation in water,sand and added pollutants.

4. Compared with the circling beach abrasion machine, the accident of average and accomplished beach and crumb is minimized, and the brand and airiness can accommodated the appropriate standard.

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