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the corruption cases also show a “dereliction of duty,scarpe hogan outlet,, corruption concurrent” feature.In the first half of this year,hogan interactive uomo, in violations of the public economic interest,zanotti pas cher, political rights and personal rights in three areas, the procuratorial organs at all levels of anti-ditch department received a total dereliction and infringement cases leads 4713,woolrich outlet online, 4288 6007 person investigation.Throughout the above-mentioned cases,,christian louboutin femme, including Bo,abercrombie soldes, Liu Zhijun.

the national prosecutors for investigation of corruption and bribery cases,, corruption and bribery suspect collusion to take down, inside and outside the joint, joint planning,scarpe hogan,, etc. crime, criminal groups distinctive characteristics.In July, the country has been sentenced to death Luo shade. Prior to this, in April 2012, the Guangdong Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection,tiffany anelli, announced that the country Luo shade series of corruption cases involving 303 cadres. According to reports,,nike air max 1, since 2009, Lo Yam country Woan also includes Deputy Mayor Guang-Liang Yang serious bribery case, former Municipal Committee, Municipal Committee secretary,, police chief bribery case,louboutin, former deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Zhu Yuying bribery case former vice mayor Chen Yachun bribery case,abercrombie france, former secretary of the county Dianbai Tim Lee bribes series of corruption cases. The whole case involving a total of 24 people in Guangdong Province management cadres, cadres at county level 218 people, including investigation and 61 people,barbour france, 19 people belong to the provincial management cadres, cadres at county level following 42 people, 20 were transferred to judicial organs according to law.Liu Zhijun case showed a typical characteristic Chuanan and involving senior officials about a dozen rail system.Life style issues seriouslyIn some of these cases,hollister, the officials, including senior officials of the life style of a serious problem,hogan scarpe, but because of legal restrictions, such problems and can not get justice. And it is difficult to incriminate sexual bribery.

the official pointed out, the Supreme and Supreme Procuratorate for crimes committed under the jurisdiction of the expansion of the scope of off-site, off-site trial to promote the institutionalization of direction.The official said that many crimes the defendant had served at the local and departmental positions, hold the hands of certain powers,tiffany roma, influential in the relationships,, if heard at the local,,ciondoli tiffany, the presence of such complex relationships may affect a fair trial of the case. Places to hear cases under the jurisdiction of these years have achieved very good results,doudoune moncler femme, effectively ruled out the investigation of the cases in a variety of interference and resistance, but also effectively eliminates the part of the public fears and misconceptions about the trial work.Concurrent corruption malfeasanceIn addition to the above features.

has become the most controversial social issues.National School of Administration professor bamboo house and other experts pointed out that “the right color trading” real harm and as much bribe money. He suggested that it should expand the scope of bribery in the traditional sense of the subject matter will be the subject of criminal law on bribery by “unfair advantage” is defined to include traditional and non-material bribe bribery. Currently,zanotti, you can clear judicial interpretation “sexual bribery” conduct and standards.This can also prevent and restrict the proliferation of official life style issues.Senior common off-site trialOfficial corruption crime trend towards off-site trial mode.Bo Xilai case was specified in the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court hearing; Tian Xueren case was specified in the Beijing trial; Huang Sheng case is specified in the Nanjing Intermediate People’s Court heard from Shandong.Supreme Court Criminal Division.