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Dongyang City People’s Court of Justice is to provide Taobao auction platform. “Inscribed auction notice for Dongyang City Public Security Bureau.Lin Weiping Wu Ying’s creditors told the “China Economic Weekly”, the first of six sets of real estate Guapai are professionally conducted asset valuation company valuation,scarpe hogan outlet, the gap between the market price will not be great.WU Yong are also recognized the auction price,doudoune pjs, “and the market price per square meter gap in about 1000 yuan,scarpe hogan uomo, the difference does not.”In June 5 this before, Dongyang city government had led by Vice Mayor Chen Jun, head of Dongyang City, Dongyang City public security system and has two asset valuation with accreditation bodies and Wu Ying Wu Ying case creditors constitute assets case disposal teams,woolrich prezzi, and held a “Wu Ying case briefing asset disposal program” in the afternoon.WU Yong Lin Weiping both positive and attended the meeting.Wu Ying Ng Wing is on the disposal of property,louboutin, said the main objection. In his view, the case has been concluded so long,parka woolrich, whether or Dongyang Dongyang municipal public security bureau has no authority on the true nature of the Group’s assets and Wu Ying auction, and should be punished by the court.But Lin Weiping obviously much more pragmatic, in his view,giubbotto woolrich, led by government agencies to organize such an asset disposal group,parajumpers, by Wu Ying liquidation of all assets, auction,doudoune parajumpers, then the creditor debt is a good thing. “She does not dispose of some assets may soon be worthless.” Lin Weiping said.Lin Weiping Wu Ying case is the largest creditor, before he had lent Wu Ying nearly 430 million yuan, and ultimately did not have to come back to recover 320 million yuan,parajumpers paris, accounting for 380 million yuan Wu Ying majority of the total debt. As funds “broker”,parajumpers, Lin Weiping’s “on-line” Creditors have fifty or sixty people. After the conclusion of Wu Ying case, these creditors would like to arrange for disposal of the property is also on the agenda as soon as possible.Lin Weiping Wu Ying was satisfied to oversee the case of asset disposal team members.

the auction of assets, including real estate located in six Dongyang Baiyun street Road 280.”China Economic Weekly” reporter Login Dongyang City Intermediate People’s Court judicial auction platform Taobao network discovery,pjs homme, in addition to real estate assessment announcement price and the selling price and other information,woolrich uomo, but also particularly marked red state: “commissioned by Dongyang City Public Security Bureau, the Court Taobao auction platform to provide justice to dispose of the property. “and” disposition of the property is subject Dongyang City Public Security Bureau.

the process can attend group meetings, the team assessment and disposal of assets also need to inform.According to Lin Weiping introduced, in addition to being a real estate auction,doudoune pjs, judicial seizure of Wu Ying’s jewelry has been a valuation,hogan milano, but it has not brought into the auction process,manteau pjs, the following procedures will gradually enter the auction.In 2007, after Ms. Wu was arrested, Dongyang city police had without the consent of the Wu Ying Wu of part of the property has been auctioned, including hotels,outlet hogan, cars,louboutin red bottoms, shops and so on.Dongyang city government previously disclosed material media disposal of assets.