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in this way the difference between the water to be misappropriated. From August 2012 to August 2013 in a years time, Kang modify data in this manner 13 times, misappropriation of funds nearly 2 million water.December 2012 to July 2013, Jiang Mouli operating room with water management software vulnerabilities by modifying the data, direct water retention money. Delete data that way 109 times, more than 70,000 yuan into the personal pockets of water models.Maybe that by a minor adjustment to the money embezzled water slowly,louboutin, from the beginning of July 26 last year.

evidence gathering.The victim was Zengmou and (female) couple,louboutin, the suspect Zengmou flat (male, 30 years old) Department of the deceased’s son.According to a neighbor introduced Zengmou is a middle school principal,louboutin homme pas cher, has retired; Weimou Wei is also a retired teacher. His son Zengmou level after graduation have legitimate work, usually relatively harmonious family, his son suddenly clear why the attack.Under questioning, the suspect Zengmou level of their drunken quarrel with his father, and then physical altercations,cheap louboutin shoes, after using a hammer to kill his father and mother tried to mediate confessed to the crime.Currently, the case is under further investigation.(Original title: drink hammer to kill his son and father arguingname cleared in Beijing”Enactment” and “filing requirements” to develop and publish what is the significance? Party rules and regulations promulgated by the similarities and differences between countries? On these issues.

Maoming City Dianbai District caused two deaths occurred murder suspect Zengmou level was arrested by public security organs.The victim had a neighbor for helpSite of the tragedy is that in a separate four-story house. According to neighbors, Lin Shu introduced the incident mistress of the house, he heard shouting “Lin Shu Come on!” When he heard the news rushed to the back door of the house and saw bloody head mistress is trying to open the door with a key But how are not open. Then return to the house mistress, and soon heard no movement. Lin Shuli, the alarm.Police informed that the evening of September 3 7:45, Dianbai District Public Security Bureau “110” received a public report,christian louboutin pas cher, said the new Lake Rd in water Dong a house was a fight. After receiving the report,barbour shop online, the area off the grass field police station rushed to the scene disposal. Police arrived at the scene and found the door locked house, from the windows to see the house two people lying on the ground, on the ground with blood. Fire brigade rescue tools used to pry open the door,barbour jackets, the medical staff confirmed that the two men and a woman lying on the ground dead. Police station in the house and arrested the suspect and seized level Zengmou a bloody hammer.The suspect is the son of the deceasedAfter the incident, Maoming City and Dianbai District levels, public security organs attach great importance levels, Maoming Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Yuan Tao, deputy director of the rate of city and district police to the crime scene investigation.

Kang was born in 1993, longyou locals, looks still a student. In 2012, after graduating from Kang, with their own efforts,woolrich online, admitted to the county water company business office.Kang family was not wealthy,woolrich parka, his father opened the shop, his mother working in the supermarket. But ordinary life, Kang spending money like water, love dating dress in front of friends and he likes his wide, wearing designer clothes, hand table,hogan uomo, access to five-star hotels in upscale entertainment clubs. His monthly income of only 1,000 yuan,christian louboutin paris, often feeling to make ends meet, he took aim at the unit Kang water rate.”Smart” Kang began to use water companies operating room fee management software vulnerabilities, unauthorized illegal operation, the software database users from large to small modifications of water,doudoune parajumpers, and the water from the user’s transaction records to delete large the amount of data records, and then re-issued false micro-payment vouchers.

water charges shall be collected daily Kang simply be direct embezzlement, within 20 days, a total of 13 million yuan will turn water on your own card. Crimes for fear of exposure, last August 16, Kang bring another toll operating room to let him keep $ 20,scarpe hogan outlet,000 water generation models, have gone elsewhere. A few days later, Kang surrendered.Longyou Court held that,barbour pas cher, as the state-owned enterprises to employ personnel Kang, in the charging process,woolrich parka uomo, the illegal occupation of their handling of the charges and another officer, commissioned on behalf of its funds in the bank account of water, his behavior constituted duties Embezzlement. Recently, the hospital first instance verdict, embezzlement and sentenced to six years in prison Kang,parajumpers paris, seizure documented LONGINES watch a forfeiture, in this case the rest of the illegal gains continue to be recovered.(Original title: longyou a good guy but no money to embezzle 240,000 yuan ostentatious water rates was sentenced toElectric white one usually harmonious family tragedies happened last nightDad is a retired high school principal, my mom is a retired teacher,louboutin pas cher, graduated from the University of legitimate work sonExpress News correspondent reporter Chen Haisheng electric public advocacy white Maoming City police reported yesterday informed that the evening of September 3.

the reporter interviewed the first time Peking University Law School Professor Jiang Mingan. He said two of the party statute rulemaking authority, procedures to the limit, to establish a sound system, reflects the scientific proof of the party but also the rule of law.