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of course, this is a minority. Such as the smuggling of ivory, rhino horn,scarpe hogan uomo, ore,chaussures louboutin pas cher, etc. with local law order prohibiting contraband abroad.

on the other hand, Africans feel a lot of problems itself contradictory,barbour parka femme, they can not find solutions to problems.But in our view, Tanzania has its own advantages, such as political and social stability, has a wealth of natural resources,nike tn officiel, ten consecutive years of economic growth, there are geographical location, there is an outstanding leader, has a very good international relations, especially there is a vast market, Tanzania imports $ 15 billion a year market, there are nine countries surrounding hinterland, together, on the one hundred billion market, coupled with its domestic market demand, the potential is very large. Overcapacity in China now, there are resources and energy constraints, we need such a market tanzanite, and us to be able to help solve some of their problems. Like the issue of employment,nike free run, with African institutions, according to a research report IMARA of China to Tanzania provides 150,000 jobs, is to provide maximum employment opportunities for investment in the country of Tanzania.China’s advantage,air max homme, first, there is a market perspective,barbour femme, because China has several decades of development experience. Second, we have talent. Third, we understand management. Tanzania is now very extensive management.

the ability to integrate various resources weak. Fourth, and most important, we have the capital, the country’s foreign exchange reserves now have four trillion U.S. dollars, with a well,plats christian louboutin, I’m sorry people, and just in Africa which became the advantages, we have investment capacity. The other advantage is very important that we have a good international image. Trust our friends in Africa, the Chinese government and the Chinese people in general is trust.South are: you mentioned that we have a good international image in Africa,abercrombie pantalon, but also from the international media, we continue to see the actions of the Chinese people in Africa, criticism, interviews the past few days in Tanzania, I have access to all areas Chinese people, we are complaining against the Chinese people’s robbery, customs search, police harassment.Lv Youqing: In Tanzania, there are about 70 foreign ambassadors. No ambassador of a country like ours, all day consular protection issues to worry about Chinese people here, nor the citizens of any country like our citizens.

constantly complaining about unfair treatment being here, for example through customs at the airport, check baggage,escarpin louboutin pas cher, on the road was stopped police … this is a very difficult thing.Our people vices ridden! To Africa,nike air max, first,gilet barbour femme, is certainly habitually internal fighting, disunity,louboutin homme, a considerable number of people have this problem. A person a company no problem, if it is a few people, a few companies, mutual grab. Contractors also often compete with each other before their own people, to do business, it is undercut each other, mutual slander. Even some companies are still within the government to find a local agent, each buying group for local officials speak for themselves, and in 2012, the two companies have, Tanzania’s Deputy Minister of Transportation Minister ruined while they fight the project in order to provoke a deputy Minister of infighting, the results of the two people the president dismissed.The second is the lack of legal awareness. Not knowing is chosen as.

“plunder resources”, “non-compliance with local laws,” “do not hire local workers” … In recent years, as China into Africa increasingly rapid pace, the target of criticism against China in the international media on the common. How the truth,air max pas cher femme, more and more state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign trade into Africa, to build China’s image produced exactly what kind of impact? Chinese Embassy and consulates and how non-face these new challenges? Recently, in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam, the Southern freelance reporter on this dialogue, Chinese ambassador to Tanzania Lv Youqing.March 2013, when Xi Jinping visit to Tanzania.

said Tanzania for China “all-weather friend,louboutin soldes.” China is now Tanzania’s largest trading partner, bilateral trade volume between China and Tanzania in 2000 was only $ 90,530,000, 13 years later, in 2013 bilateral trade volume reached 3.69 billion U.S. dollars, of which China exports $ 3.14 billion and imports $ 550 million, in absolute surplus position. China is also second only to Britain to become the second largest investor in Tanzania. Whether it is the political sphere,hollister soldes france, or the economic field, Tanzania relations in China-Africa relations are highly representative.”Our people vices ridden!”Nanfang Dushi Bao (hereinafter referred to as Southern): As in Tanzania,chaussure louboutin pas chere, Ambassador, would you please tell us about the relationship between Tanzania.Lv Youqing: China attaches importance to Africa now than ever. May Premier Li Keqiang visited Africa, raised three pole, “Africa is an important pole in the world political arena, is the new global economic growth pole, is a very colorful human civilization”, which is very encouraging . Africa is now facing a lot of contradictions,chaussures louboutin, on the one hand the world is optimistic about its growth.