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“outstanding communist”,scarpe hogan uomo, “excellent teacher”, officers said he was “a model of political instructor words and deeds,” the Communist Youth League Wuhan Municipal Committee also awarded him the “New Long March” honorary title.Reporter intern Cai Xiao Qin early MoonCorrespondent Lai Jiang Yong Our reporter Wang Huan reported YouxianSeveral schools across the tree-lined trail, 16-year-old Liu Chen took us to the place where she now lives. Take Liu Chen room was washed in water and mop, seemed spotless, his father lying on the bed in the room.From last August began to come to this school, Liu Chen and his father will live here. The house is arranged by the school teachers quarters, do not accept their money.Like living with at home, Liu Chen should take care of every day completely paralyzed father,tiffany, twice a day to wipe his body, regular exchange catheter, clean out the bed of urine. Every father grow a beard, Liu Chen will take two coins clip off the hair with scissors bought.Liu Chen said her happiest thing with dad. When saying this, her face filled with a bright smile.5-year-old father began to take care of its ownLiu Chen 16 years old, elementary school learned to paint with his father. After graduating from middle school, she came to read the fine arts college Zhuzhou project. Following her came to this school,hollister felpe, and her father paralyzed for 10 years.Zhen Liu Youxian Luan town home in the village of Long will. 4 years old, the father of Liu Zhen Liu new to the local coal mine coal mining, coal mine collapse hit the spine.

back they never straight up. After 1 year, Liu Chen’s parents divorced,giuseppe zanotti, 5-year-old Liu Chen began to take care of myself paralyzed father.Not cooking, Liu Chen’s uncle Liu moved to the coal stove in the new bed, Liu picked up a new cheerfully cooking spatula to teach her daughter how to cook, less than a year,doudoune moncler pas cher, a small Zhen Liu will be able to cook Stir.Laundry, sweeping, Zecai seems to have talent in these areas, Liu Chen also quickly learned that she also learned to help his father take the catheter, the father promptly clean urine incontinence.6 years old, Liu Chen kindergarten. Content every day of her life,abercrombie soldes, in addition to school is to take care of his father. Liu said a new,air max pas cher enfant, sensible daughter is particularly competent.

as long as I study hard, he will help me.” Liu Chen said.Liu Chen biggest wish now is that we can learn painting, the future go to college after graduation to find a interior design or animation production like work. Regardless of where to go, what to do, she would tell it like 10 years, to bring paralyzed father.Create a large number of small workshops counterfeit condomsSold 2.17 million boxes, part of the inflow of JiangsuFebruary 20, Modern Express reporter from Suqian Suyu District Food and Drug Administration has learned Suqian Suyu District Food and Drug Administration and the Bureau of Public Security jointly cracked Suyu production and sales of counterfeit condoms cases. These packages cost more than the cost of goods is also expensive “high-end” of condoms, even in a small workshop produced a few hundred meters of a town the size of Jiangxi.

there is a TV in the room.”Dad taught me a lot of things, when I run primary school class last first, he said,tiffany gioielli, this is not good, the body is the capital of the revolution, I exercise every day,chaussure louboutin femme, and later ran the first.” Liu Chen said.Liu Chen said she remembered crying like only twice, all because of my father, “because there are times to go to Zhuzhou award (painting award), the father of a person at home, I gave him a call,christian louboutin soldes, he said he spit, and I am anxious, was late, I think of my father who had a night like sad. Another time,chaussure louboutin pas cher, I slept uncle, also at night for fear of my father cry. “While others, Zhen Liu did not think how difficult. “Together with their father when it is the most fun,louboutin pas cher, really. Together with the students also happy, but sometimes there are not happy, but with dad always happy.” Liu Chen face filled with a brilliant smile,louboutin femme pas cher, the side Liu has a new face to wipe the tears back off.Next day,giuseppe zanotti, the father of two disks related to hop chessLiu had a new bed with bed nearly as high wooden tables, it is Liu Chen was 10 years old in his hometown Trustee to his custom. Many times a day, in addition to chatting with her daughter watching TV, Liu Metropolis lying on this table, eating, with her daughter next hop chess.Liu Chen-hop chess is specially bought for his father, “Sometimes the students look down, very interesting, it does not move,nike tn officiel, give Dad bought a chess.” School days, Liu Chen almost every day with a few students to the house, with his father the next two game of chess.Bedroom cabinet stood on a few tofu, it is the father and daughter’s dinner, the kitchen sent someone vegetables and pork. Father and daughter are now living mostly rely on relief. The home of an uncle, surnamed Li, Changsha an uncle surnamed Lu,hogan 2014 uomo, Liu Chen sent every year to the cost of living, Uncle Li Zhen Liu is also responsible for all costs to go to school. “Uncle Lee said.

never heard her cry too tired. Soon, Liu has always been strong and optimistic new found himself unable to leave her daughter. In addition to her daughter, who is not used to take care of him.”With dad always happy.”Liu Chen elementary school, there are times to see his father in painting, painting a very pretty, Liu Chen will have to teach her father. A few months time, lying on the bed’s father taught her a little bit of painting.August 2010, Liu Chen came hobby painting schools now, and selected fine arts. She said that, in fact, changed her father.In this way,veste barbour homme, 15-year-old Liu Chen took his summer vacation a few good paintings paintings, with the schools to apply,ciondoli tiffany, said she wanted to take his father went to school together. Father and daughter to school quickly arranged two teachers quarters, from Liu Chen school classrooms only 5 minutes away.