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“also highlights the current Chinese people’s anxiety mentality. “A lot of people usually go to work, there are always children want to go back door,scarpe hogan uomo, opportunistic, and improve efficiency. Across the street is the epitome of contemporary society as a whole.””The lack of awareness of the rules is illegal and low cost should allow pedestrians to pay for running a red light, red light if pedestrians are as grueling as the vehicle, into a penalty of $ 200 would someone break it?” Said a netizen Tianya.Baidu Post Bar users a suggestion, you can put people’s travel behavior and personal credit linked. Red light more than three times a month,abercrombie france, the credit rating downgrade, in terms of social security and employment will be hampered. “You break the red light more,doudoune femme moncler, to where are the blacklist,hollister pas chere, then, to see who would dare break?”Anyway, instead of complaining about others and the system, it is better to start from their own. In the red light it, who are not bystanders. As one big river summarized friends, everyone is part of society, the individual’s actions will have more or less impact on society. The difference is that some people in their own words and deeds of civilization, the greatest extent possible to pass a “positive energy”; and some people in the crowd,abercrombie roma, and even distribute fulsome “negative energy.” While we were walking or driving on the road, the more should be good to think that he is not a “Chinese-style across the street,” a member of the group of people?(Original title: “Chinese-style crossing” reflects the collective consciousness of the people rule indLegal Evening News (Reporter Liu Mi ) recently some people in Yanqing,basket nike tn pas cher, “the daily market,” a stall to buy diarrhea symptoms after eating bean sprouts.”Legal Evening News” reporter unannounced visits to the booth located nanxin warburg production sites found that sanitary conditions at the workshop not only worrying.

the length of the two stalls sprouts are also longer than the common market sprouts. Especially foreign accent stall sprouts, even up to 20 cm.Reporters repeatedly to go to the two proposed processing sprouts stall place of purchase,woolrich parka, but was refused.Unannounced visits muddy sewage water everywhere “bleach” pungent odorAfter visiting,barbour paris, the reporter learned that two traders sprouts production sites are located in the town of Yanqing County Yanqing nanxin warburg.Wang stall where the workshop is located in a courtyard in the middle of two nanxin warburg into the hospital. November 6, 4:15, the reporter saw a minivan carrying a large basket of seven or eight exit the hospital, about 15 minutes after entering the “on the day the market”, and stopped at the man surnamed Wang booth before unloading. Reporters approached found all sprouts have been completed within the germinal big basket.November 7.

enter the name of the reporter to purchase hospital Wang stall.

This is unfair allocation of public resources on transportation.Although there are objective reasons, but also acknowledged that more users, highlighting is that the Chinese people’s awareness of the rules of collective indifference. One user said Voices Online,woolrich outlet, traffic rules are the most common modern public rules. Pedestrians,christian louboutin pas cher, non-motor vehicles, motor vehicle prevails, disciplined, in order to achieve safe and smooth road. The reality is that drivers complain pedestrian rampage, and even zebra become dead line; the drivers are complaining that pedestrians jaywalking,nike tn pas cher magasin, random walk.Not only is the traffic rules, and many other areas also have this collective failure phenomenon common rules. SINA Netizen “Swallowtail Butterfly” analysis,zanotti pas cher, the majority of Chinese people are used to hold a pragmatic attitude towards the rules of their own good than harm, and use it to comply with the rules; otherwise ignoring the rules. “Unruly traveled the world, unruly unable to move.”Phoenix forum users’ overnight glitz “that” Chinese-style across the street.

workers are still germinal process of adding “Baiyao”, making long white sprouts.Boss said, “Baiyao” is actually sodium dithionite. Reporters found that bleach is not in the state can be used within a range of fresh vegetables to add it.After receiving the correspondent reported, Yanqing Food and Drug Administration yesterday night raids nanxin warburg sprouts two workshops, found bleach additives. At present two workshops have been sealed.Discovery sell exceptionally bright white boss said the sale of two extremely heavy dayRecently,woolrich, people eating in Yanqing Lee largest vegetable wholesale food to “the day the market” after buying bean sprouts appeared diarrhea, she suspected a problem with bean sprouts.November 5 in the morning 5:00, the reporter went to the “day on the market”,woolrich italia, there is also the largest wholesale vegetable food Yanqing scale land. Only two of the market stalls selling bean sprouts, bean sprouts Lee had purchased on the booth,doudoune moncler homme, a middle-aged man surnamed Wang claimed warmly greeted customers. Reporters found by the light, bean sprouts, color booths on this extraordinarily bright white.Wang stall assured reporters,hollister france pas cher, “bean sprouts, no problem,” said the current can sell 2000 kilos a day,air max femme, in the spring or even four or five days on sale jin, “are some small vegetable stall,moncler pas cher, Rice Noodles like here in my purchase, but also some supermarkets. “The adjacent stall stall sprouts a foreign accent. Reporters found that in addition to bright color.