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Miss Sun Xing and her mother accompanied two other relatives drove to Henan Yima City,scarpe hogan uomo, February 2 at 1:00 pm arrival. “We went to the righteousness of coal Mining Hospital, in the intensive care unit to see that the driver of the car with my father, he has been unable to speak. We will find other from the scene of the accident sent the wounded,magasin hollister france, did not find.”Ms. Sun and their relatives to see the meaning of Coal Mining Bureau Hospital was in a parked four victims, but could not find her father.Then they arrived at the Yima City People’s Hospital. However,barbour pas cher, Yima City People’s Hospital emergency department doctor on duty the hospital where the wounded are being read, was not found. When asked whether Ms. Sun was in the hospital to see parked two victims, the doctor on duty refused the forum non conveniens.In desperation,abercrombie online, Ms. Sun went on Mianchi County People’s Hospital, with his family.February 2 21 am, the reporter called Ms. Sun, she sobs, told reporters that they found her father in Mianchi County People’s Hospital. “He’s gone.”According to information provided by the site command,hollister online, as of 20:00 the evening of February 2,doudoune pjs, occurred in high Huo Luo three sections south of Yichang demi bridge collapse accident.

TAN Jian said collar, in our current standard of bridge design and construction of earthquake, flood, etc. have requested,zanotti pas cher, but did not carry out the requirements for explosion-proof. “Because the probability of an explosion is low bridge encounter, in addition to the construction of a bridge,hollister pas cher soldes, if you add explosion-proof performance, construction costs will increase exponentially. Based on the huge economic costs and lower incidence of explosions,ciondolo tiffany, our bridges are generally not considered anti-explosion Therefore,hollister londra, there is likely to be a bridge some firecrackers Zhata car. “Meanwhile,louboutin soldes, reporters February 2 pm from the field command center received the news of the accident reporting guidance Coordination Group, said the incident explosives loaded vehicle is a large fireworks shells called “sons of thunder gun”, the number of about a few hundred boxes, explosive power equivalent to one ton of explosives. Reporter in an interview that the explosion led to dozens of tons of heavy truck bounced site a few hundred meters away from the ground,hogan outlet, but a lot of glass houses several kilometers away from the scene of the village were shattered.Experts involved in the identification of the accident scene also said that the accident scene of the explosion is quite large.

in addition to the south bridge is Zhata demi outside the south side of the barrier wall is 7 meters burst a hole 5, north of the barrier wall also Move out of the 10 cm to 5 cm sank, resulting in the north side of the outside of the two wings also cracked two joints,hogan olympia, reached about 10 meters long seam.10 has confirmed the identity of the victimsFebruary 2 at 2:00 pm,pjs, the reporter in Yima City People’s Hospital emergency department met the families come to find their loved ones. They line 4, after opened the door, he anxiously inquired whether their loved ones were sent to Dr. Xiang Zhiban here.A Miss Sun Xing told reporters that they come from Zhangqiu,moncler pas cher, Shandong Province,hogan 2014 uomo, Jinan, her father and another driver of a truck, pulling a 12 tons of equipment, from Xi’an sent to Tianjin. February 1 morning, the family saw Yoshimasa bridge collapse occurred,tiffany outlet, they would call to his father anxiously,giuseppe zanotti homme, but has no answer.Because of concerns about the father accident.