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this is a prerequisite for discussion. Now, this 10 trillion yuan of tax which assumes said 8 trillion yuan from indirect taxes,scarpe hogan, direct taxes from 2 trillion yuan. Given the direct tax is a direct means of regulating the distribution of income, so now requires appropriate increase in direct taxes, while reducing indirect taxes. For example,escarpins louboutin, direct taxes increase one trillion yuan, indirect reduction 1 trillion yuan, the general practice is to increase the personal income tax; property taxes. China is one of the few countries in the world today are not the personal property tax. Therefore,abercrombie france, saying that China is rich in tax havens. In addition, look at the ability to change the basic pattern of taxes paid by businesses. If China’s tax pressure on companies not completely, individual residents also came to share part of the tax,woolrich, and even more to share part of the tax,magasin hollister, then the tax burden on Chinese companies today would not be the same again.Oriental Morning Post: Depending on your view, the path of reform is very clear, that is, an increase in direct taxes, increasing taxes paid by individuals, but why are we still difficult?Aim: I have always felt the land in China can do hard things, because we are a nationwide system, which is also one of the superiority of the socialist system, the key is the ability to reach a consensus and thus action. Previously, the reason why the introduction of the income distribution scheme very difficult,abercrombie soldes, in addition to not find a place to start, in fact, there is another important reason is that it has not been placed on a higher level to be recognized.Oriental Morning Post: In recent years,Red Bottom Shoes, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao is also often talked about the income gap problem.

requiring the government afford more and more responsibility,hollister femme, the decision can not be a large-scale reduction in government spending. We want to establish a way of thinking: the government should receive how much money the government must first take a look at how much money should be spent,nike tn, what the government needs to do much business. If you do not contact the functions of government,red bottoms, does not contact the government in the real world do to demonstrate how much the government levy taxes, I think the significance is not great, it must be down to earth and not standing on the sidelines. So, today we are discussing how much income tax, can only be discussed in the government spending 10 trillion yuan this established platform.Oriental Morning Post: So now you want to study what kind of way through this 10 trillion yuan to close up?Aim: Yes.

and that’s just a very,felpe hollister, very limited supplement,pjs doudoune, does not rule out its role, but how can a country regulating the distribution of income in the hands of private voluntary philanthropy on it? It obviously can not take on the major means of regulation.I analyze three times from the initial distribution to distribution, which is nothing more than the government in order to explain the background of the current system conditions,tiffany, even very determined to regulate the distribution of income, but it does not find a place to start.Oriental Morning Post: You mean it might not reach all of a sudden everyone’s expectations?Aim: This is a gradual process, and I think this is the income distribution system reform program may be a more directional,hogan scarpe, can not expect it to play a benefit in a short time, to achieve the goal. For example,chaussures louboutin, the reform of the income distribution system in any event not open around the taxation of financial regulation,boutique christian louboutin, the role of tax revenue is redistributed, or said to be out of fat and thin, Robin Hood. Therefore, we must do the changes: one to increase direct tax,nike france, and second to increase taxes paid by individuals. In these two are now very difficult thing.Specific things that can be manipulated, is actually very simple. In my field of view, the first comprehensive and classified take a combination of personal income tax system quickly established.

the problem is to a very serious stage?Aim: In fact, in my opinion, China’s income gap between residents in absolute terms is not very important, the key is its tendency, is the face of the income distribution gap is gradually widening, if we do nothing,cheap christian louboutin shoes, or can not contribute much, it is the most dangerous thing.Oriental Morning Post: The gap is so big really on people’s perception?Aim: foreign income distribution differences are generally measured by the Gini coefficient. But when I feel the need to measure to distinguish between two levels: first, the initial distribution of the Gini coefficient comparison, relative to western countries, China’s Gini coefficient is not high, or even much lower; the second is the Gini if � ddressed after redistribution factor.

the share of personal income tax should raise up as soon as possible. You expect 600 billion in personal income tax to adjust up to 47 trillion GDP? “Small horse cart” simply can not do. Second, let the property tax take root in China. We can not say China’s personal property without pay taxes. Propertied do not pay taxes is not match with China’s current economic situation.Distribution gap reasons:Lack of effective mechanisms for redistributionOriental Morning Post: Is not now have to first find out the government’s financial situation?Aim: To establish and run the entire fiscal revenue system is based on the known tax. When government spending has been carried to 10 trillion yuan, when coupled with social contradiction and complexity.