scarpe hogan Zhang Min is Fangshan District Procuratorate prosecutor

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in order to arouse public wary of such evil. This event has now been collected thousands of pieces of photos of victims, many of whom are victims of sexual abuse of minors at the time.

the impact on the body may be a short time, but the psychological trauma is permanent, so ignore the psychological harm is unscientific,scarpe hogan, but also inhumane.Commentary: Long Di is an associate researcher at Institute of Psychology, the psychological impact of sexual abuse of minors would have done a special study,christian louboutin for cheap, and some of the victims were children and families through the in-depth exchanges. She told us, Yi Dong-ho and feelings are universal, many victims will have remorse emotions, afraid to talk to others,moncler sito ufficiale, I feel betrayed by the world.Long Di: betrayal caused great trauma for children, this is the influence of his worldview, and values. When a person experiences growing up,hogan, if he can not feel the world is safe and can not build a relationship of trust with people,peuterey prezzi, how tragic that his life.Commentary: Two years ago, an American girl named Grace launched a campaign to encourage sexual assault victims she bravely stood up to say the offender was written on paper, photographs published in his hand on the network.

and even some who rape is the child’s parents. Beijing Fangshan District Procuratorate of the past three years investigating cases of this type of statistical data are shocking.Zhang Min: 96% of the perpetrators are acquaintances are people who know.Commentary: Zhang Min is Fangshan District Procuratorate prosecutor,parajumpers france, she said, the most notable feature is acquaintance rape cases involving minors committing the crime,doudoune pjs, from the world-wide statistical point of view, an acquaintance of crime is usually accounted for Jiucheng. Zhang Min also feel especially need to remind the public that,woolrich bologna, in fact, belong to the high incidence of such cases cases, in countries around the world are grim social problems. An authoritative report combines dozens of national survey data show that, on average.

there are minors, nearly 8% of boys and nearly 20 percent of women have suffered sexual abuse,christian louboutin shoes, this data is probably far beyond the imagination of many people .Zhang Min: particularly popular,louboutin, not everyone thought of so far away from us, in fact, from our side especially particularly close.Commentary: Every person is a sexual assault case after teachers, neighbors, and relatives were exposed, the public often use “animals as” such words to express their anger, they are difficult to understand why the child will start acquaintance. On this issue,barbour femme, we ask the psychologist Professor Li Meijin crime.Li Meijin: Psychiatry them, it is a proprietary name,barbour pas cher, called sexual perversion, sexual perversion, there are many types of pedophilia among the crowd there is a certain proportion. This occurs when some professional behavior conducive to such damage can easily occur.Reporter: That is, if there is such a habit of unusual sexual person, he happened to be in contact with the child on the job.Li Meijin: Yes.

between relatives and friends, such violations often occur in the neighborhood.Commentary: Professor Li Meijin that a certain percentage of the habit anomaly exists in the crowd, if you recall,christian louboutin outlet, a lot of people will think a child may have encountered sexual harassment. If a stranger had unusual move, the child will feel strange to run away immediately,cheap christian louboutin, but if it is an acquaintance, it is easy to use and convenient conditions for the child’s trust,air max bw pas cher, the implementation of serious sexual assault. When people hurt from the cruel side of trust, for the children, which means what?Zhen Hao: Well respected teacher, will make it absurd, then there is what is to be believed.Reporter: Do you think it could affect a person’s judgment on the world?Zhen Hao: Yes,christian louboutin cheap, you therefore what to believe and what not to believe,doudoune moncler femme, what to respect and what not respected there will be a huge impact.Commentary: Zhen Hao recalled that he and fellow students before, completely figure out why this happened, and even blame themselves confused shame.Zhen Hao: even go on to say how he would find me, is not I have any questions, he will find on me. Later, when I know that other people have occurred, they can be said to be a burden reduction, the original of this thing is not just because I had bad luck, or because of my reasons.Commentary: recollection of events, Yi Dong-ho and feel, to have a group of brothers sharing really is kind of lucky. They imagine that if words alone to face the trauma of what happens.Dong Yi: I can not imagine the lonely victim, no one can talk to,abercrombie paris, no one can help, psychological above is subject to how much pressure and torture. The psychological impact is greater than the physical.