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SCM ultrafine mill can play the main darling of the new darling of the new milling equipment to become the main product in the accumulation of years of experience in the production of milling machine. SCM ultrafine mill is based on the absorption of Sweden’s advanced machinery manufacturing technology, and after years of testing and improvement and development Of a new ultrafine powder (325-2500 mesh) processing equipment.

SCM ultrafine mill is mainly applied to the processing of Mohs hardness <9 non-flammable and explosive brittle materials, such as: coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz stone, fluorite, calcite, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite , Barite, potassium feldspar, coke gems, coal gangue and so on.

SCM Ultrafine Mill Performance Advantages

Energy loss is small, high efficiency
SCM series of ultrafine mill with bevel gear overall transmission technology, eliminating the need for reducer installation location, the structure is more compact. Integrated installation, supporting strong, the failure rate is reduced.

Internal thin oil lubrication system, advanced and reliable
The use of internal pump to provide lubrication, without additional oil pump and lubrication station, easy to achieve spindle bearings and bevel gear shaft bearing lubrication, greatly improving the service life of the equipment
Low air volume loss, good material flow
Using a new curved curved air duct, tangential air flow imports smooth, small resistance, the direction of the internal export is conducive to the dispersion of materials, not easy to block material.

The surface can be changed blade blade
The use of split surface blade, the replacement only need to replace the blade part, while the blade with high wear-resistant alloy material, greatly extend the service life, improve the material utilization and machine work efficiency.

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