should be dismantled or I stop using” Finally

Nine o’clock yesterday morning, a home in the South City Qibao district, a dozen owners gathered at the property management office, all emotional solidarity Tang Bo owners. Owners say weekdays and property are also contradictory, but it is a little more friction, not like this too far.

The owners said in a brawl July 31,, the staff of the property hit anyone, and it was a hit 70 years old. Hospitalized elderly medical expenses, property companies dragged on, has yet to be paid. Yesterday afternoon, under the coordination of the police, property companies were beating incident fishes compensation to the owners apologized.

Site owners enraged old man was beaten solidarity

“Every month we have to pay property management fees, a problem that they not only do not solve, but also hit anyone, this service allows owners how satisfied?” Owners of what happened 31 pm can not understand, “What do not say, then how can not be beat, not to mention his one twenties young man punches a 70-year-old. ”

Ms Tang said the man was playing her father. The day before yesterday afternoon, his father was sent to the South City Hospital for treatment, a person did not sleep a wink all night, “the doctor diagnosed a mild concussion, sending blood pressure up to 210 in the past when we were scared to death.” Speaking of his father,louboutin france, Ms Tang tears in his eyes , look distressed.

Ms Tang said, when his father was hospitalized property companies only pay more than 300 dollars inspection fees, and the rest of the cost of his own advance, “playing a man would have to be responsible, not like what had happened.” Ms Tang say, you know this thing back, many owners have for their own disaffected,air jordan pas cher, Property Management Office wants to discuss that, but the attitude to the property is that “all the police have to wait for the results.”

Old record straight punches Fanzao cause property management

Ms. Zeng is owner of the district, talking about things yesterday afternoon,basket tn requin, Ms. Zeng eyes were red, and a look of guilt. Tang Bo said she was beaten, the whole thing because of her house into the sky.

Ms Tsang said she lived on the fourth floor, began renovation in March this year, when the property company to pay 1,000 yuan decoration deposit. Fourth floor apartment and other home is different, there is an approximately 50 square meters outside the platform, she has the right to use that platform, “usually in the above kinds of flowers, all kinds of food for the elderly.” Ms. Zeng said, because the platform is relatively large, watering plants grown on weekdays is not easy, she wanted to build a small pool on the balcony, convenient watering.

“My father was doing the pool, so when people came to see the property is also, no one said they could not do.” Ms Tsang said his father to a height of about half a meter, one meter square pool built later when,piumini moncler, Property company who came to the door,, “they said the pool was built of non-compliance, should be dismantled or I stop using.” Finally, Ms. promised not to use the pool, the property company who agreed to refund $ 1000 deposit decoration .

“July 31 we went to the property refund, they said that was promised a refund director has resigned, negotiation is not good advice, and we quarrel up.” Tang Bo just passing through, on weekdays, he and Ms. Zeng tai chi with his father,tn requin pas cher, the relationship is very much better, see this situation also help theory, “a man named Zhou Qiang (a pseudonym) of the customer service staff scolded my father, Tang Bo can not see past ,moncler donna, accusing him of bad attitude, he punched out of the Tang Bo. ”

According to Ms Tsang said Zhou Qiang Tang Bo left a punch in the face, Tang Bo glasses had been knocked to the ground, and ran after beating Zhou. They were looking for property companies theory, but the attitude of the property so that they feel very angry, “we say to the hospital, the property company that we have to wait to come back to deal with this thing beat, and said it was personal behavior has nothing to do with the company.” .

Ms. Dong Bo’s family had thought that the property beating, property companies should actively deal with such excuses,basket nike tn, just let escalation.

Property does not deal with afterwards is no consensus

Later,chaussures tn pas cher, the reporter linked to the residential property – bump Chen Yi Property Management Limited. Chen is also one of the parties to the incident, he said, what happened when he was President of the father explained the forward platform pond thing, “The atmosphere became tense, I did not pay attention to how they hit up.” Chen said that he later learned, when Tang Bo emotional speech, “Both physical touch.”

Chen said the young man playing old punch, too, was very scared,moncler sito ufficiale, so quickly left the scene. At this time the elderly and also let them move very surprised,, “carry her the knife, standing property entrance, very excited.” For post-processing, the property company accused of irresponsible owners, Chen denied this, he said, the views of the two sides fail to reach an agreement, “the beginning they did not say go to the hospital, they said to apologize, but also to apologize book posted on the bulletin board, and we think that is wrong. ”

Then 110 arrived, beating Zhou also looking back, both went to the hospital for examination, physical examination Zhou unharmed, “the old man CT examination of more than 300 dollars out of us, but we can not allow them to arrange an inspection project only say wait for the police to identify the results that the number is certainly out. “Chen said, because at that time the property has been the company’s financial work, so there is no cash desirable, he let the Tang family to keep the treatment of invoices, the next day to deal with, But the other was a misunderstanding. He said with a look of frustration, “from yesterday to this morning, I like being under house arrest, like, which ones they are two people with me, lest I ran no medical expenses.”

Mediation police to mediate property company has apologized for compensation

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in the South City Hospital,spaccio woolrich, saw Tang Bo was beaten. Tang Bo has been calm mood, it seems no obvious trauma. He said that in addition to eye some discomfort, the body should be all right, “the doctor advised me to observe a few days,, but I think no problem, it should be discharged tomorrow.”

Tang Bo told reporters, noon, Zhou has been to the hospital to see him, and sincerely apologize,basket nike pas cher, “(Zhou) shed tears when speaking, I would like to forget it, just entering the community twenties, was a child , forgive him. ”

According to Tang family said in the mediation of the police station, the property company eventually took 3500 dollars as compensation for medical expenses, be settled the matter.

Chen said the company’s property, “this is something we have done wrong, then how can not be beat, later still have to strengthen staff training,scarpe hogan outlet, we looked not bow to see, I hope you do not keep in mind, is a misunderstanding, and hope Tang Bo can recover soon. “