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is becoming a local government efforts to crack a lot of problems, such as Wuhan, Hubei Province has carried out “rule Yong accountability” activities.In many people’s minds,site hollister, but a mediocre lazy style issues, at most,tn nike pas cher, is a discipline problem,barbour, and crime has nothing to do side. However,louboutin, Wuhan City of Industry,louboutins, Xiong Jun,peuterey spaccio, former deputy director was sentenced for abuse of power has become the “rule Yong accountability” of negative examples (Articles September 11 reported) tells us: Yong lazy not far from dereliction of duty.Yong lazy and sometimes within a whisker of dereliction of dutyWork hours playing online games, tardiness, AWOL, string Kong chat, these yung lazy behavior Dean College of Criminal Justice in New long song seems China University of Political Science, from dereliction of duty and sometimes only a step away.”Yong lazy and dereliction of duty is far too close.” The new song for a long time,air max 90 pas cher, “said far refers yung lazy behavior if no adverse consequences and significant social impact, no person may be prosecuted. Close, refers Yong lazy behavior lead to serious consequences if, for example, resulting in more than 50,000 yuan of economic losses, or cause serious social impact cadre parties is likely to be held criminally responsible. It’s that simple. “”The people of the party and government organs and the civil service is the worst impression yung lazy.” Administrative Law Professor Yang Xiaojun National School of Administration.

said,felpe hollister, “It happens disputes,nike tn pas cher magasin, including some group events, many of them are due to the people’s aspirations nobody tube. These demands are not a big deal at first, most things, it is because the government department staff buck-passing, protracted, or formal settlement does not substantially resolved, and finally became a big drag on the little things, and even lead to mass incidents happen. “”Safely accounted for seats, busy through the motions, fatigue Pita live again and again,” This is indeed a certain sector “yung official” rules of survival. Recently,Giuseppe Zanotti, with the Wuhan City of Industry, Xiong Jun,hollister femme, former deputy director due to dereliction of duty to be accountable, Yong lazy moment has become an issue of public opinion attention.In early 2008,toms online sale, when Xiong Jun Ren Wuhan Wuchang Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the Secretary, upon payment of the benefits of others,toms cheap sale, arbitrarily decide on the allocation of organs of state-owned office space in the illegal construction “Business Court” commercial and residential, and in January 2011 the unauthorized foreign sales get money selling more than 480 million. August 10 this year, Xiong Jun, found guilty of abuse of power, bribery, embezzlement.

and then not participate in Pingyoupingxian not promoted within one year . “Governance Yong accountability” among the year, a total of 812 civil servants Wuhan accountability, including 16 bureau-level cadres, 149 level cadres. Xiong Jun is one of the protagonists of Wuhan “rule Yong accountability” first case.In recent years, many Chinese have launched a “rule Yong accountability storm.” In addition,toms outlet, Hubei,hollister homme, Shanxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places, also introduced various initiatives to rule yung, lazy political ax to mediocre officers. From August 2010 as the beginning to the end of November, Shanxi Province, to carry out “work discipline, firmly put an unhealthy” special inspection operations, a number of “hedonic officials” have been punished because of drink during working hours; a group of “the abuse of power officials.” because Chinakayao be accountable. According to statistics.

” etc. However, the public still expressed doubts and dissatisfaction.”This shows that the management of public malfeasance cadres there are differences in understanding.” Haidian District Procuratorate prosecutor,air max pas cher femme, said Meng Luo.By law, Yong lazy act must cause some harm would constitute a crime. “Yong lazy with his cause to have good evidence of a causal relationship between the consequences to prove, it’s hard.” Meng Luo said, “and a lot of cadres at work will find out after the adverse consequences caused by various reasons.

“Landlords”, playing mahjong, chat, watch videos … these online entertainment people feel relaxed. However, if these behaviors occur during work, government work came masses would feel?Some local government cadres day dawdle, inefficiency, there is “mediocre, lazy, scattered” phenomenon. “Safely accounted for seats, busy through the motions, fatigue Pita Da live” became some of the “yung official” rules of survival.”Yong, lazy,louboutin paris, casual” phenomenon has been criticized by the public, are largely restricted to local economic and social development.

was sentenced to eight years and six months.Reporters learned that,tn, early in 2011, set off in Wuhan cadres “responsibility crisis”, the implementation of “rule-yung plan” want to change fundamentally a problem no one is responsible, and the presence of muddling along, do not think motivated, does not seek improvement of mental state, thereby improving the soft environment. April 10 that year, “Wuhan City to carry out” liability crisis “,” “Interim Measures” rule Yong plan formally introduced, provision was admonishing remarks or being criticized.

a total of 421 officers have been disciplined, 30 officials were picking “his post.” April 2011, Hunan Province issued “on the effectiveness and impact of organ damage economic development approach to environmental behavior,” accountability “lazy government” behavior, and provides for severe cases will be dismissed.Officials did not reach a zero-tolerance misconductRecently, some media reported that a result of Sanlu milk powder incident was a demerit of food and drug administration officials promoted. Although his comeback and promotion comply with the relevant provisions of “executive civil sanctions regulations.