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Has anyone tried smoking while having a pouch of snus in your mouth? I figure it’s a bigger nicotine boost which would increase the pleasure but just curious what others think?? Also, getting over the guilt and fear of smoking… Any thoughts Marlboro Red Regular Cigarettes Online 40 Cartons($ 22 Per Carton) or suggestions?Not with snus, but with Grizzly, yeah. It will definitely up the nicotine hit and may even give a long time smoker a buzz, something that doesn’t come very often after a while.
Don’t know about the second question. I really don’t have any guilt and fear. I guess I may have way back when I started, but after I had accepted the fact that I was addicted to nicotine, I really don’t pay much attention to negatives, but instead embrace the enjoyment that each cigarette brings. I sure don’t feel I have anything to feel guilty about, and, yeah, there are health risks, but in my mind the benefits far outweigh the risks.Yea, I’ve smoked regular cigarettes and also my e-cig (with “high nicotine” liquid) while I had Snus in my mouth. Actually, that sounds plural but I pop ’em in one at a time (except once when I tried two at once to try to up the nicotine buzz; I think it may have worked Marlboro Red Regular Cigarettes Online 40 Cartons($ 22 Per Carton) a little bit).
The only way I can really get a good, lightheaded nicotine buzz/high is by power smoking a non-filtered cigarette (I usually break the filter off of one of my regular ones). Anything else, after all the years I’ve been a smoker, just doesn’t deliver enough nicotine for me Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes Online Wholesale to feel it.
Lately, however, I’ve been smoking a new e-cigarette recently introduced by the company where I’ve been buying my e-cigs for three years and if I power smoke it first thing in the morning (something I couldn’t really do with the earlier model) I can get a little buzzed from it. It does feel pretty good, when I’m simultaneously drinking a cup of strong, black coffe (this morning it was a special European dark blend) and definitely keeps the cravings at bay until I get around to firing up my first regular smoke.
I’m one of those long-time smokers who really misses that initial buzz that new smokers can get pretty much every time they light up (and, certainly, every morning by sucking one or two doun in a hurry!).
Now the thing I’m curious about it what it would be like to pop in three or four Snus at the same time. One of these days, I’m going to break down and try it.I do both, but not at the same time.
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