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involving more than 100,000 yuan.Currently, Jiamou XingJu, the case for further verification. � remindIt should be noted that thing locked carRiders summarizes some of the considerations lock car.Lock the door: Do not forget because of haste or carelessness lock the door,soldes hollister pas cher, bring unnecessary losses.Note that the window glass: Some car without automatic glass lifters, do not forget to raise a glass.Check the door: someone will use jammers interfere lock your car, so to check for locked.Check the roof: Check the roof did not shut off. In addition,doudoune moncler femme, overnight parking plus the best position of the steering wheel lock.(Original title: thief actually playing “OrdeDeng criminal process in LiaoningJuly 2010A 33-year-old Crystal in Anshan.

a black clinics “encounter” Deng, and soon fell in love and living together.August 2010 – SeptemberWhen a crystal with a crystal Deng visited Hainan car when parents, Deng Jing cheated when a car Peugeot car and sneak it home Anshan million in property theft.September 2010When parents find a crystal Anshan home stolen and the police. Deng afraid of things brought to light, from the heart to kill the idea.HainanNovember 3, 2010Deng gave the name to the treatment of a crystal when Lee Hong’s mother taking sedative drugs.November 6, 2010When a crystal is a faithful father ill, Deng went to Qionghai,abercrombie outlet, accompanied by his doctor,abercrombie pas chere, and feed its sedative drugs.November 12, 2010 -14 daysOn the 12th,scarpe hogan outlet, Lee Hong onset hospitalized. 14 pm, when a loyal home, Deng lethal poison to give their clothes and create the illusion of its suicide. Then turn the rest of the poison administered to Lee Hong.

deputy director Han Dongliang introduced until the police caught the suspect Jiamou, the answer was opened.September 12, Jiamou been controlled within the cafe area in Jilin fullness. After verification determine Jiamou is in Inner Mongolia,moncler outlet online, 27-year-old. Because of theft are classified as net escape the local public security organs.According Jiamou confession,chaussure louboutin pas cher, he had more than 10 days before the incident, the accident found that Mr. Liu’s car locked forget. Chenzheyese, he entered Liu car, we found a car key and a spare, then stole the spare key, he started hanging in the online sale of this car until it was purchased, he stole the car a drive away.Later, Liu remembered that he did have a spare car key.Jiamou said that he arrived from Jilin City in August of this year, several times the streets “walk.” “According Jiamou said he should pull out every few hundred doors opened with a lot every time.” Handong Liang introduction, most of these cars are old van.Police said the alleged theft Jiamou than 20 cases.

Yanhuai Lin own money, she gave a value of 7000 yuan of three electric vehicles.Yesterday afternoon, Xiao Ru, a five-star came to the police station,tiffany outlet, officially signed a labor contract with the unit, under the guidance of ,bracciale tiffany, Xiao Ru try driving electric cars on the road in a circle. Xiao Ru sitting in electric car with a smile, she said: “I can now finally no longer nest in the home, one time I can go around, around the park,christian louboutin femme, buy grocery shopping,louboutin pas cher, Oh, more convenient a. “Xing Wei correspondent feeModern Express reporter Ge Xiaolin texJilin newspaper (Reporter Li Yang) after stopping the car owners to lock your car, it’s nothing to say. However, to determine the true lock it? A theft suspect with a real experience to tell you: Many cars are not locked,tiffany outlet, the majority of which van. However, the suspect’s way very “special”: “Order theft”, the first after Wang Chu online booking, and then implementation of the theft.September 9,moncler pas cher, River City public Liu to Jilin Public Security Bureau fullness Taishan Road police station,hollister soldes, said his white Mazda 3 car lost. He clearly remembers the night before the car is parked in front of a store of water rhyme city district shop.Just when the police retrieved surveillance video search vehicles may travel route, a message to let the police investigators puzzled. It turned out that after Mr. Liu announced through the microblogging and micro-channel, there is a users reflect, this car has been linked to the Internet transaction completed in September 7, and the users also sent a shot photos.”The evening of September 8 car is lost, but in the September 7 was sold. We asked Mr. Liu, he determined not to send their own messages, but not their own to sell. It makes us feel very strange.” Jilin Public Security Bureau plump Taishan Road police station.

Lee died.Shanxi November 25, 2010Deng was arrested in Shanxi.Tabulation / Peace � reporter correspondent Liu Jia Zhang HuiningA Jiasha British detective fiction king? Christie pen depicting many cunning murderer,woolrich parka donna, they elaborate hoax murder, his best disguise, but ultimately can not escape the trial justice.Deng Guoyang, Anhui farmer was robbed in Qionghai also orchestrated a homicide, his “filial piety,” the prospective son-image, continue to take his girlfriend’s parents to suicide drugs within the last day with a large dose antipsychotic drugs and drug dog is extremely cruel to kill his girlfriend’s parents. Deng dressed “doctor” false coat, camouflage skills, high strength, murder means hidden,louboutin femme pas cher, but ultimately can not escape the law.Today,hollister milano, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Hainan in Qionghai murderers Deng Weixuan to read the Supreme People’s Court approved the death penalty order. The 36-year-old offenders end their life of sin,moncler outlet, the murder of three people took to an end, but also left a lot of warning.