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before and after the speech read list of non-deliberate arrangement, also known as the ban is not in love, but not to alert students to wear uniforms for intimacy,soldes hollister pas cher, or face possible sanctions buckle conduct classification.Ming Pao Daily News last night (the 19th) received an anonymous complaint, enclosing a social networking site dedicated page “Wan” Friends are summarized in Figure quoted one being withheld the names of friends that dating Wong Siu Ching Secondary School announced the names of students and to “catch them deduction” complaint also refers to e-mail request to be summoned school students “alternative”,hollister italia, first recognize relationships and break up, or deny dating relationship.No confirmation before the students’ nameMing Pao Daily News reporter Qi Houzai facebook find a person claiming to boys attending school user, he updated the current situation in the incident that night (the 17th).

Tsuen Wan neighborhood school ethos has always been confident that the school rules and regulations did not prohibit students fall in love, but the school has not encourage students to get married, decided to remind students in the school’s position. Bell also clarify, by “naming” in no way be penalized for students, the school can not emphasize “forbidden” love and emotion,hogan interactive uomo, only prohibits “objective irregularities,tn soldes,” including a ban on students to wear uniforms to intimacy,hogan scarpe, such as holding hands, hug or embrace kiss, otherwise they will face the conduct points deducted,air max femme, demerits and other consequences of varying degrees.Dean: Never wreck duckWong Siu Ching Secondary School dean Chengzhao Qi added that the “list” is formulated in accordance with the observation, the lowest grade is the two students, the “list” includes often a double into the right.

claiming to be “named” One of the boys,woolrich sito ufficiale, the school has stressed dating criticism list confidential On the other hand in the morning meeting publicly read out the names of boys, which then announced that some girls in the class name, the same request at lunch to see discipline, in disguise “public” dating list. The students’ response to the message when a friend said, some are “named” just spread dating, or long break,moncler outlet, the school did not verify the name of the school is not fair.School: ban only “objective irregularities.”Event will recognize early interview Wong Siu Ching Secondary School Principals as Buddha bell yesterday, explaining the school has no intention “open” list dating, emphasizing that day did not expressly call the name of reason,tiffany roma, students should know. He pointed out that recently received a low grade girls parents that had witnessed school students openly dating, there are school boys school girls in school external and make intimate behavior, which is very worried.Zhongxiao Zhang said that parents.

Abu Ghraib prison is located about 25 kilometers west of Baghdad,giubbotti woolrich, near tense security situation in Anbar province. Since early January this year,basket zanotti, the city of Fallujah and Anbar province capital of Ramadi important part of the area is occupied by some terrorist organizations and anti-government militants, Iraqi security forces and some local tribal militias have been combating militants in the province. Recently,nike tn 2014, belonging to the Abu Ghraib area of � aghdad province nor violent clashes occurred.Last July 21 to 22 at night, and is located north of the Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad prison while Tatyana was a large number of militant attacks,woolrich outlet online, more than 500 prisoners took the opportunity to escape, including many terrorists have been sentenced to death . And “base” organization affiliated terrorist organization “in Iraq and Levant Troy Islamic country” and then claimed that the implementation of the attack.April 2004.

US soldiers at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq prisoner abuse photos exposure,doudoune moncler homme, shocked the world, became the biggest scandal in the US. More than US military personnel involved in torture trial later jailed.BEIJING, March 21, according to Hong Kong’s “Ming Pao Daily News” reported that the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Wong Siu Ching Wan Bao elite high school accused of “open” list of student dating provoke controversy, the school principal Buddha bell to lecture on Monday morning meeting (17),hollister abercrombie, that it will not Students are encouraged to get married,woolrich outlet online, the dean of students about it after reading out names of 20 boys,veste barbour, requiring them summoned lunch time, but did not made it clear why.Event triggered some students dissatisfied with the school opening in the online critics say the list secret,abercrombie paris, but in the morning will announce the name, so students can easily associate relations, worry be “named” Students were label. School explained.