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as well as Chinese companies such as construction and Moutai.By university teachers took part vacanciesAccording to “the establishment of independent directors of listed companies guidance”, independent director of listed companies need to have a basic knowledge of the operation, familiar with relevant laws, administrative regulations, rules and regulations; more than five years of legal,soldes louboutin, economic or other independent directors to perform duties necessary work experience. Former independent director appointed need specialized training. These stringent requirements limiting the choice of independent directors.In addition,zanotti pas cher, independent director appointed subject to the shareholders’ general election,hogan sito ufficiale, complicated procedures for listed companies, another independent director is not easy.About candidate independent directors, commercial director of the Institute of Renmin University of China Judicial Conciliation on 21st Century Business Herald, told reporters that the independent directors general, mainly from professionals,moncler piumini, such as teachers, retired executives, professional accountants, lawyers and other industries.According to the 21st Century Business Herald reporter, independent directorship by official or former official to resign and vacant, partially fill the university teachers. After the retirement of three senior officials in the oil resigned from the original five independent directors now shrunk to three. Lin Bo on which the newly elected former Asian Development Bank director for energy economist, is now president of China Energy Policy Institute of Xiamen University, doctoral tutor.However.

university teachers as independent director has long been,tiffany, and is very common, some companies are all independent director even college teachers.

in addition to universities because of their work, approved the establishment of the school asset management company part-time,tiffany roma, but will not be allowed in other economic entities inside and outside part-time and part-time shall not receive remuneration.This provision was in 2010 and in 2011 set off a wave of inter-university-led independent director resignations, but then the effect is not obvious,magasin hollister, some university leaders started at the company as an independent director.However,chaussures louboutin, this year,tn pas chere, has been to strengthen the implementation of this provision. As February of this year, the party secretary Liu rights and Heilongjiang University,doudoune moncler femme, Heilongjiang Bayi Agricultural University of Qin Zhiwei based on “opinions” and the relevant provisions of the independent directors resigned from the company’s position as the Great Northern Wilderness; Vice President of Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Shilin Yang and Chongqing University Vice Principal Jianguo, in January this year was as independent director,hollister soldes, but on the basis of 2008 “on the strengthening of anti-corruption Higher opinions” in February were Guizhou Braun resigned as independent director positions.Emergency officials independent director resignation inevitably cause the company’s board of directors to run some impact, according to the China Securities Regulatory Commission,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, “on the establishment of the independent directors of listed companies guidance” provides that a listed company’s board of directors shall include at least one-third independent directors. Therefore,giubbotti woolrich, after the resignation of a number of independent directors,hollister femme, but also have to continue to perform their duties. Chint Electric in its June 30 announcement described the resignation of independent director, after the resignation of Zhang Qu,doudoune parajumpers, the company provides less than the proportion of independent directors to resign at the shareholders elected to take effect after the new independent director to fill its vacancy. Similarly in the case.

former general manager of the State Energy Investment Corporation and the former Ministry of Construction Wang Wenze car Stirring party members resigned office buildings in China. PetroChina had served as independent director of three retired officials,abercrombie fitch, this year May 22 annual shareholders meeting, also were not to continue in office.”Opinions” and also served as an independent director on the college party and government leaders caused some impact. Central Discipline Inspection Commission, Ministry of Education,parajumpers paris, Ministry of Supervision as early as in 2008 jointly issued “on the strengthening of institutions of higher learning the views of anti-corruption,abercrombie pas cher,” which provides that a school party and government leadership.